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FAQ Hydroquinone Skin Creams

FAQ Hydroquinone Skin Creams

Q. Is hydroquinone safe/good for skin and face? 

А. Yes. Hydroquinone is safe if used as directed, for the prescribed duration by your doctor. Please limit sun exposures and apply sunscreens or cover the treated area with protective clothing. Even minimal exposure to the sun can reverse the bleaching effect of hydroquinone. Hydroquinone should not be used in excess quantity for long duration.

Q. Is hydroquinone topical a steroid?
А. No. Hydroquinone does not have a structure or effect similar to steroids.

Q. Is hydroquinone toxic?
А. No. Hydroquinone is not toxic if used as directed, for the prescribed duration by your doctor. It is available as creams and meant for external use on the skin only.

Q. Does hydroquinone lighten/bleach your skin? Does hydroquinone lighten skin permanently?
А. Hydroquinone is used to bleach or lighten dark patches of skin. The effect of hydroquinone is reversible (reversible depigmentation) with time and exposure to sun and therefore not permanent. To increase the effectiveness of hydroquinone you should stay out of the sun, wear protective clothing, big sunglasses and use an SPF30+ sunscreen when outdoors. Do not use sunlamps or tanning salons.

Q. Does hydroquinone make skin darker?
А. Hydroquinone may cause blue-black darkening of the skin. This is not the normal effect of hydroquinone. Discontinue use and contact your doctor immediately if you notice darkening of skin upon the use of hydroquinone.

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Dermatologist Marcela J






Marcella Jiovanni

Skin Care Professional

“Marcella Jiovanni actively promotes the importance of maintaining healthy skin, she envisions the future of dermatology as moving away from pure medical, pharmacological dermatology and flowing more toward a holistic approach to wellness and skincare.”