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Ezinapi® Zinc Oxide Sensitive Skin Cream

Zinc Oxide 10% + Cetyl Myristoleate 0.6% + D-Panthenol 1%

(6 customer reviews)

USD $16.50

✓ Maintains natural acidic pH level of skin at 6

✓ Hydrating agent, anti-inflammatory and collagen promoter

✓ Skin regains original complexion and smoothness

✓ Soothes and protects skin against irritation

✓ Suitable for all skin types and even babies

Size: 50g / 1.8oz
Brand name: Balmex, Diaparene, Anorectal, Dr Smith's Diaper, Secura, Znlin
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Items: 2 - 4 5%
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What is Ezinapi® cream

Ezinapi® cream is manufactured y reputable Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories. Ezinapi is a diaper rash cream with key ingredients Zinc Oxide 10% and D-Panthenol – 1%, which provides an effective barrier to protect sensitive skin from excess moisture. Irritant diaper dermatitis is a generic term applied to skin rashes in the diaper area that are caused by various skin disorders and/or irritants. Generic diaper rash or irritant diaper dermatitis (IDD) is characterized by joined patches of erythema and scaling mainly seen on the convex surfaces, with the skin folds spared.

Ezinapi cream is a perfect blend of Cetyl myristoleate, Zinc oxide, and D-panthenol. It is a clinically tested formulation recommended for use as an emollient for diaper rash.

  • Cetyl Myristoleate is chemically a fatty acid that is found to reduce inflammation. Additionally, it is being tested for treating other diseases as well.
  • D-Panthenol, a vitamin by nature is known by several names such as Pantothenic acid/ Vitamin B5. With multiple benefits to its name, it is used in creams to fight to itch, promoting healing, stings, bites, and rashes as well.
  • Zinc Oxide serves as an emollient for the skin and provides a protective layer to the skin surface. It acts as a barrier for the skin and does not allow external agents to harm the skin directly. Additionally, it also has astringent and soothing protective properties. Use under medical supervision

How to use Ezinapi® cream

  • Wash baby’s bottom and genital area with lukewarm water
  • Pat dry with a clean towel
  • Apply Ezinapi cream and gently massage in a circular motion on the affected parts of the skin
  • Leave on for 2-3 minutes before putting on the new diaper
  • Use the cream every time during a diaper change


Zinc Oxide 10% w/w

Cetulatted Fatty Ester Complex with Cetyl Myristoleate 0.6% w/w

D-Panthenol 1% w/w

Light Liquid Paraffin, Soft White Paraffin, Purified Water, Microcrystalline wax, Yellow Bees Wax, Sorbitan Sesquioleate, Propylene Glycol, Dimethicone, Tocopheryl Acetate, Methyl Paraben, Perfume, Propyl Paraben.

Cream base q.s.

6 reviews for Ezinapi® Zinc Oxide Sensitive Skin Cream

  1. Emmanuela Cuerra de Silva

    I never write reviews but I have to say that this product is a life-saver for my skin and my son’s skin!

  2. Alwine Comoto

    after 6yrs of treating leg ulcers, a friend suggested using butt paste. something used years ago for treating bed ulcers (decubitus). I asked the DR. who laughed. He gave his ok, we are now healed of 2-bed ulcers (4 weeks old when started using paste) as well as just a few weeks out of the leg ulcers being healed. Thank you for continuing to make this WONDERFUL medication, okdermo!! Been using on legs 4 months) on bed ulcer (2 weeks on superficial deep 2″ wide x 2″ long).
    Ezinapi cream is a miracle, buying 10 tubes at once to get a super discount from okdermo. Best wishes to all your team!

  3. Minnie B.

    This is my favorite ointment for diaper rash. I first started using this with my first baby because it was cloth diaper safe and had great ingredients. Here I am with baby #3 and still using it! 😉

  4. Lydia Collins

    I am 24 years old and had very big chicken pox spots, so I used Ezinapi containing zinc oxide to dry the spots after the first day of my chickenpox. I also used it when I terribly burned my hand during cooking. In both cases, it totally helped to calm down my skin condition and help it heal faster. The only thing is disappointing, the delivery may take longer – from 1 to 5 weeks! So I order several tubes per order.

  5. Ema Gilbert

    Very nice product, completely satisfied with the medicine.

  6. Finja BMW

    I’ve tried everything it feels like, over the years… bad acne in high school led me to do Accutane which in some ways helped my cystic acne but in other ways, I feel like it destroyed my skin forever by drying me up so badly. I briefly had better skin but then not long after I started to get a different worse kind of acne in my mid-twenties that seemed like a rash, like rosacea but different seeming. Left me with a lot of cystic deep acne, light scarring, small flesh-colored bumps texture, and lots of redness, on my cheeks, near the corners of my mouth, and on my forehead. For years I tried to figure out how to help it. Really gave up eventually but then during a particularly bad flare-up last year, a friend of mine somehow found me this product by trying to help me figure out my health problem. At first, I didn’t like it, the smell was strong, the color pinker than my skin tone, and it didn’t seem to do anything right away. At first, it also seemed too dry for my face. I was so desperate though, I kept using it though as an overnight treatment, and stopped paying attention. It took about 2 months but my skin is so so much better than it has been in so long. The zinc eventually doesn’t feel drying, and actually seems to lock in some moisture. I use it in combination with oil and that has been my winning combination. I started using both of those products around the same time, I think partially to help cover up the sulfur smell of the Zinc Cream. Somehow now the intense rash acne I’ve had for so long is pretty much entirely gone. My scarring is still there of course, but my skin texture is smooth and soft and less red. I still get a break out from time to time, but applying a little of this to spots helps them with an overnight treatment.

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