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Xtralite® Tretinoin & Azelaic Acid Cream

Azelaic Acid 10% + Tretinoin 0.025% / 0.05%

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From USD $25.00

Xtralite® Tretinoin & Azelaic Acid Cream combines two extra potent and extremely effective agents to provide a working solution for melasma, hyperpigmentation, and acne treatment.

Xtralite Cream is a combination of two medicines: Azelaic Acid and Tretinoin which treat melasma (dark spots on the skin). Azelaic Acid is a naturally occurring acid. It works by blocking an enzyme (tyrosinase) that stimulates the production of melanin, a skin-darkening pigment. It also reduces the formation of harmful chemicals (free radicals) that cause pigmentation. Tretinoin is a form of vitamin A that helps the skin to renew itself more quickly.

Size: 20g / 0.7oz or 15g / 0.52oz
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What is Xtralite® Tretinoin & Azelaic Acid Cream?

Xtralite® Tretinoin & Azelaic Acid Cream is a medicine having a combination of medicines that are used to treat melasma. It helps in quick skin renewal. It also provides nutrition to the skin.

Xtralite® Tretinoin & Azelaic Acid Cream should be used in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Wash your hands before using this medicine. It is advised to check the label for directions before use. It is for external use only.

Do not use this medicine more than the recommended dose. Inform your doctor if you have known allergies to this medicine. The common side effects of this medicine include redness, stinging, burning sensation, and peeling of the skin at the application site.

If these side effects or any other symptoms which you think are because of this medicine persist for a longer duration, please consult your doctor. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or are suffering from any other disease.

Melasma is a common skin problem that causes dark, discolored patches on your skin primarily on the face. It frequently occurs during pregnancy and menopause. Xtralite® Tretinoin & Azelaic Acid Cream helps to lighten these dark patches by reducing the production of melanin (natural skin pigment). It improves skin texture and gives a smoother-looking skin. It also reduces the appearance of dark spots. This helps boost your self-esteem and confidence as your appearance changes. Keep using it for as long as it is prescribed to get the full benefits.

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