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Tyrodin® Anti-Pigmentation Cream

Tranexamic Acid 10% + Kojic Acid 2% + Arbutin 1.5% + Magnesium Ascorbyl 1% + Vitamin E 1% + Mulberry Extract 1%

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USD $27.00


Tyrodin® Melasma Treatment Cream is a combination of six medicines. Tranexamic Acid is an anti-fibrinolytic. It protects the skin from UV radiation and reduces pigmentation.

Kojic Acid is also an anti-pigmentation medicine. It works by suppressing the formation of melanin, a pigment that gives color to the skin.

Arbutin is a natural skin lightening/whitening agent that reduces the production of melanin (skin pigment).

Magnesium and Vitamin E provides essential nutrients. Mulberry extract is an antioxidant. It prevents premature aging and reduces wrinkles. This is how Tyrodin® Melasma Treatment Cream treats melasma.

Size: 20g / 0.7oz
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What is Tyrodin® Anti-Pigmentation Cream?

Tyrodin® Anti-Pigmentation Cream is a medicinal cream having a combination of medicines that are used to treat melasma. It helps in brightening the skin. It prevents premature aging and reduces wrinkles.

Tyrodin® Anti-Pigmentation Cream should be used in the dose and duration as advised by your doctor. Wash your hands before using this medicine. It is advised to check the label for directions before use. It is for external use only.

Do not use this medicine more than the recommended dose. Inform your doctor if you have known allergies to this medicine. Usually, this medicine is well tolerated and has minimal side effects like dry skin, skin rashes, etc.

If these side effects or any other symptoms which you think are because of this medicine persist for a longer duration, please consult your doctor. Inform your doctor if you are pregnant or breastfeeding or are suffering from any other disease.

Melasma is a common skin problem that causes dark, discolored patches on your skin primarily on the face. It frequently occurs during pregnancy and menopause. Tyrodin® Anti-Pigmentation Cream helps to lighten these dark patches by reducing the production of melanin (natural skin pigment). Tyrodin® Anti-Pigmentation Cream lightens skin color and gives an additional glow. It also helps reduce signs of aging like wrinkles and dark spots. This helps boost your self-esteem and confidence as your appearance changes. Keep using it for as long as it is prescribed to get the full benefits.

Main active components of Tyrodin® Anti-Pigmentation Cream

Tranexamic Acid 10% – In recent times, tranexamic acid is claimed to have whitening effects, especially for ultraviolet-induced hyperpigmentation including melasma. Tranexamic acid is used for melasma (dark spots) treatment, including pregnancy melasma and post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. It is safe to use for all skin types and colors.

Kojic Acid 2% – Kojic acid may also be helpful in decreasing melasma, which is a darkening of the skin due to pregnancy. Kojic acid may also reduce the discoloration of scars. Although the acid does not improve the thickness of scar tissue, it may reduce the dark pigmentation associated with certain types of scars. Lightening the scar may make it less noticeable.

Arbutin 1.5% – Lightens dark spots, lessens the appearance of acne scars, helps even out skin tone. Arbutin is a molecule extracted from the bearberry plant that prevents the formation of melanin. It is derived from different natural ingredients, but they all function as tyrosinase inhibitors to provide skin lightening and brightening effects.

Magnesium Ascorbyl 1% – Magnesium ascorbyl phosphate is a water-soluble derivative of vitamin C, known to show some evidence of skin lightening abilities

Vitamin E 1% – Vitamin E is an important fat-soluble antioxidant and has been in use for more than 50 years in dermatology. It is an important ingredient in many cosmetic products. It protects the skin from various deleterious effects due to solar radiation by acting as a free-radical scavenger. Experimental studies suggest that vitamin E has antitumorigenic and photoprotective properties. There is a paucity of controlled clinical studies providing a rationale for well-defined dosages and clinical indications of vitamin E usage in dermatological practice.

Mulberry Extract 1% – With the benefit of its skin-lightening properties and antioxidant activity, mulberry leaf extract can help fade away dark spots, improve uneven skin tone and protect the skin from damaging effects of free radicals, giving you clear and radiant skin.


Tranexamic Acid (10% w/w) + Kojic Acid (2% w/w) + Arbutin (1.5% w/w) + Magnesium (1% w/w) + Vitamin E (1% w/w) + Mulberry extract (1% w/w) Cream Base q.s.