Nexna TX® Tablets 1×30

Tranexamic Acid 250mg

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Nexna TX® is an effective, trusted and safe systemic therapy. Tranexamic Acid in Nexna TX® tablets is generally used for the treatment of bleeding but new research/studies showed it effectiveness in skin hyperpigmentation/melasma treatment.

Tranexamic Acid is one of the modalities that can actually prevent the activation of melanocyte by sunlight, hormonal influence and injured keratinocyte. Nexna TX® can not only reduce the pigmentation of melasma, but also reduce the likelihood of recurrence.


  • Melasma/Chloasma
  • UV induced hyperpigmentation
  • Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation
  • Dysfunctional uterine bleeding, nosebleed, tooth removal
  • Heavy menstrual bleeding
Brand name: Lysteda, Cyklokapron
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What is Tranexamic Acid 250mg Tablets Nexna TX®

Nexna TX® consists of Tranexamic Acid I.P. 250mg and is generally used for the treatment of bleeding. Nexna TX® tablets is an anti-fibrinolytic which prevents the breakdown of blood clots, this controls excessive bleeding during or after surgery and also in other conditions. Nexna TX® is used to treat menorrhagia which is known as heavy menstrual bleeding. Nexna TX® is also used on a short term basis to treat patients affected by hemophilia.

Nexna TX is used to prevent or reduce bleeding for short period of time in conditions like heavy periods, dysfunctional uterine bleeding, nosebleed, tooth removal, after prostate surgery or after bladder surgery. Nexna TX works by increasing the clotting action of the blood to slow or stop active bleeding.

The most common side effects may be injection site reactions such as tiredness, nasal congestion or pain in muscle, bone or joint. Inform your doctor if you have undergone any cardiac surgery or you are suffering from any kidney disease.


  • Tranexamic Acid I.P. 250mg
  • Excipients q.s.
  • Colour: Red Oxide of Iron & Titanium Dioxide I.P.