Stomafit® Antacid Liquid

Bismuth 140mg + Belladonna + Thymol + Menthol

USD $19.00

✓ Controls flatulence and coats the ulcer site

✓ Reduces spasm and colic pain

✓ Ensures anti-bacterial effects and helps in 90% to 94% eradication of H. Pylori in vivo

✓ Promotes the release of endogenous prostaglandins

✓ Treats symptoms as well as causes and acts as a complete stomach care solution

Size: 200ml / 6.7fl.oz
Brand name: Bismatrol, Diotame, Kaopectate, Kapectolin, Kola-Pectin, Pepto Bismol

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What is Stomafit® Antacid Liquid?

Stomafit® Antacid Liquid is a powerful and reliable medicine for the treatment and prevention of various gastric troubles. It aids in the treatment of gastric ulcer, hyperacidity, indigestion, gastric pains, excessive wind in the stomach, habitual constipation, and similar other troubles due to acidity. H. Pylori bacteria causes chronic nonspecific gastritis and relapse of gastric and duodenal ulcers.

H. Pylori is found in approximately 95% of the patients with active duodenal ulcers and it has been established that treating H. Pylori will result in a reduced ulcer relapse rate. Stomafit is the most potent medicine in the eradication of the organism. It has the ability to lyse organisms in vivo within 30 to 90 minutes. Stomafit acts by coating the ulcer site and promoting the local release of endogenous prostaglandins couples with an antibacterial effect.

Stomafit also contains belladonna dry extract, thymol, and menthol which are used in the treatment of intestinal and biliary colic, with spasmodic action and also relieve gastric and intestinal flatulence. The efficacy of Stomafit depends on local action at the ulcer site. Systemic absorption with standard dosage does not appear to be high enough to be associated with toxicity.


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