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Rejusure® Glycolic Acid Facial Serum

Glycolic Acid 5% + Vitamin C 20% + Hyaluronic Acid 0.1%

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USD $19.00

Glycolic acid is non-comedogenic which means that it helps to prevent the clogging of your pores. This serum will improve the skin texture and diminish wrinkles which will leave healthy and happy-looking skin, and you!

Rejusure® Glycolic Acid Facial Serum evens the skin tone, brightening hyperpigmentation and dark spots. It clears blackheads and whiteheads and prevents acne. Exfoliates dead and dull skin layers. Boosts other skincare products’ absorption and efficiency. Increases skin thickness and fights fine lines. Reduces aging signs.

Size: 30ml / 1fl.oz
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What is Rejusure® Glycolic Acid Facial Serum?

Rejusure® Glycolic Acid Facial Serum is a gentle and efficient skin exfoliator. It boosts skin cell regeneration and rejuvenates dull, dehydrated skin. By implying the peeling properties of glycolic acid, it brightens and fades skin imperfections. It corrects irregular melanin secretion in hyperpigmentation, brightening, and evening skin tone.

  • Glycolic Acid removes dead skin cells, smoothens your skin, and rejuvenates while deeply cleansing and conditioning the skin.
  • Hyaluronic Acid is known to alleviate dry skin. It fills the skin with moisture and keeps pores clean allowing the skin to breathe.
  • Vitamin C supports the blocking of excess melanin production to even out patchy skin.

Glycolic acid is also a humectant. It attracts water molecules to itself. When applied to the skin surface, it draws moisture from the atmosphere and the dermal blood supply to the skin. Skin hydration is a significant marker of a healthy and youthful complexion. Glycolic acid softens harsh and rough skin areas, creating a radiant and smooth appearance.

Rejusure Glycolic Acid Facial Serum has a dual anti-aging mechanism. It regenerates the skin cells, which translates to increased collagen production, and subsequently enhanced skin elasticity. Additionally, It promotes skin hydration, plumping, and brightening the skin.

Glycolic Acid, what is it, and what are its Skin Care Benefits:

Glycolic acid is the golden member of the family of alpha-hydroxy acids, a group of chemical exfoliators derived from sugar cane, sour milk, and other foods. Glycolic acid has become popular in dermatological therapeutics for years. Its peeling properties allow scar healing, acne, keratosis, and hyperpigmentation treatment.

One of its most-cited skin-beneficial activities is the reported improvements in UV-damaged skin. The anti-aging potential has been measured with decreased skin roughness, discolorations, and overall hyperpigmentation. Moreover, microscopic changes were significant, including increased collagen density.

Glycolic acid causes desqumation of the stratum corneum. It targets the cornerstones attaching corneocytes to the epidermis. Loosening these adhesions promotes dead skin cell detachment and shedding.

The enhanced corneocyte shedding stimulates deep dermal stem cells to produce more skin cells. The renewed layers replace damaged and dull old keratinocytes.

The apid cellular turnover mimics the cycle of skin renewal in young skin. A complete skin layer shedding and renewal occurs once every 28 days. However, this cycle slows with age. Consequently, the skin suffers from increased dead cell adherence, dehydration, and thinning.

Exfoliation causes new cells to replace damaged ones and fill the creases of thinned areas. It also boosts the production capacity of fibroblasts, increasing collagen and elastin synthesis.

How to use Rejusure Glycolic Acid Facial Serum?

  • Glycolic acid is safe for the skin in up to 70% concentration. It takes a consistent and regular application to see improvements.
  • Glycolic acid causes light stinging, redness, and burning feelings upon application, and it should subside shortly afterward.
  • Apply at night time only and begin with spaced applications until your skin gets used to it.
  • Use sunscreen while on this treatment because it may render the skin sensitive to UV light.