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Rejusure® Collagen Peptide Combo Pack

Facial Moisturizer + Facial Serum

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USD $34.00

Rejusure® Collagen Peptide Combo Pack of Facial Moisturizer 50ml and Facial Serum 30ml is a complete package for healthy and glowing skin. The serum contains collagen which is essential for the renewal of deal skin cells. The moisturizer prevents dryness and keeps the skin soft and supple. Rejusure® Collagen Peptide Combo Pack promotes skin elasticity and firmness and bolsters the skin’s natural barrier against dehydration. It softens dry and harsh patches, restores healthy skin thickness, fights oxidative stress and UV light photodamage, and promotes skin healing and repair.

Rejusure® Collagen Peptide Combo Pack is the perfect pack for the dry and aging skincare routine. The facial moisturizer hydrates dry patches and softens the skin texture. Suitable for all skin types, Collagen peptide serum delivers a potent antioxidant effect, purifying the skin of damaging free radicals. The collagen peptide combo fades aging lines and smooths the skin surface of scars, bumps, and imperfections.

Size: Cream 50ml / 1.7fl.oz, Serum 30ml / 1fl.oz
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What is Rejusure® Collagen Peptide Combo Pack?

Collagen peptides are hydrolyzates of the skin’s most significant proteins. Due to their small molecular size, collagen peptides can infiltrate the stratum corneum. Unlike collagen, peptides are small enough to reach the derm with ease. Collagen peptides in the topical application are a simple and efficient way to nourish the skin with essential components. Inside the skin, cells use collagen peptides to produce more collagen.

Collagen peptide is more than a building block. It is a bioactive molecule with multiple functions, like signaling cells to repair and regenerate. Additionally, it scavenges free radicals and neutralizes oxidative stress, protecting the cells with its antioxidant potential. In addition to collagen, Rejusure’s serum contains natural compounds like vitamin B3, aloe vera gel, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and vitamin C. This combination of moisturizers and potent antioxidants leaves a soft and fresh touch on the skin. Rejusure’s moisturizer-packed formula enhances skin hydration. Hyaluronic acid and shea butter help seal the water inside the skin, plumping and smoothing the texture.

All Rejusure s skincare products are environmental and customer-friendly, free of animal cruelty, parabens, and toxic molecules. Rejusure provides all-natural, gluten-free ingredients.

  • Collagen Moisturizer: Feel confident and look refreshed and youthful every day with Rejusure Collagen Peptide Night Facial Moisturizer. Introducing a powerful blend of peptides that work together to restore and stimulate your skin’s collagen and elastin networks. The high potency blend combines collagen and peptides to make skin appear plump and feel firm.
  • Collagen Face Serum: Collagen Serum helps improve the moisture-retaining abilities of the skin. This concentrated serum works to improve the appearance of fine lines appearing as crow’s feet, and smile lines. The high potency blend combines collagen and peptides to make skin appear plump and feel firm.

Collagen Serum Contains Collagen, Niacinamide and Collagen Moisturizer Contains Collagen, Vitamin C (Ethyl Ascorbic Acid), Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera Gel, Shea Butter. Rejusure products are paraben-free, sulfate-free, gluten-free, and cruelty-free made from globally sourced ingredients, and environment friendly.

Collagen Peptide benefits

Collagen is a large molecule. Its volume and size make it impossible to use for topical applications or oral intake. Therefore, collagen hydrolyzates are used to supplement the body with collagen. Peptides are the products of protein degradation. Collagen peptides consist of amino acid strings.

Collagen is the most significant protein in the skin matrix. It is a fiber that confers consistency, structure, and elasticity. Therefore, collagen is the decisive protein of skin physiology and appearance. The more collagen, the more firm and resilient the skin is.

Aging causes the skin’s collagen content to decrease. Extrinsic aging, related to UV light damage, causes enhanced collagen breakdown. Consequently, the skin loses its strength and elasticity, giving it a dull, saggy appearance.

Collagen peptides not only supplement the skin with collagen building blocks but also prevent extrinsic aging. Peptides have antioxidant properties, scavenging free radicals that mediate photodamage.

Collagen peptides act as signals for skin cells to produce more collagen. When fibroblasts detect collagen byproducts, they are induced to increase collagen synthesis to replace degraded collagen.

How to use Rejusure Collagen Peptide Combo Pack?

  • It takes sustained daily application for visible results
  • Apply a pea-sized amount of serum to your fingertips and spread it into clean and dry skin
  • Wait for a few minutes for the serum to absorb and apply moisturizer


Collagen Serum Contains Collagen, Niacinamide.

Collagen Moisturizer Contains Collagen, Vitamin C (Ethyl Ascorbic Acid), Hyaluronic Acid, Aloe Vera Gel, Shea Butter.