PYX DM® Dry Mouth Toothpaste

Sodium Fluoride 0.22% Anti-Cavity Toothpaste For Sensitive Teeth

USD $19.00

  • Prevents decay of teeth
  • It deals with dental plaque
  • It protects teeth enamel
  • Key Ingredient: Sodium Chloride
Size: 100g / 3.5oz

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What is PYX DM® Dry Mouth Toothpaste?

PYX DM® Dry Mouth Toothpaste contains natural herbs. It is effective against dental plaque and gingivitis, sensitive teeth, and bleeding gums, tightens gums, checks lousy breath, protects teeth enamel, and prevents teeth decay.

PYX Toothpaste is a medicated desensitizing toothpaste that contains Potassium nitrate, Sodium monofluorophosphate in a pleasantly flavored base. It protects against sensitivity, fights cavities, and plaque, fights gum problems, and strengthens tooth enamel.

It is indicated in sensitivity due to attrition and abrasion (wear and tear of teeth), natural gum recession (lowering down of gums from their natural level) or post scaling recession, abrasion on the neck of the tooth, bad breath, and teeth prone to decay.

Potassium nitrate blocks the nerve that carries the message of pain to the brain due to sensitivity. This protects the teeth and prevents the feeling of pain when eating and drinking. Sodium monofluorophosphate protects tooth enamel from attack by bacteria that cause dental caries (cavities).

Directions for use: Brush properly twice daily for two minutes with this toothpaste and Don’t rinse after brushing for at least 30 minutes as it needs some time to work. Brush at a 45-degree angle to your teeth by directing the bristles to where the gums and teeth meet. Clean every surface of every tooth.

The chewing surface, the cheek side, and the tongue side, and use a soft brush with round bristles. By spitting thoroughly instead of rinsing your mouth with water after brushing, the thin coating of toothpaste remains on your teeth and provides the relief it is designed to give you.

  • It helps strengthen the enamel that acids have attacked
  • It reduces dental plaque and improves gingival/periodontal health
  • It helps in removing teeth stains
  • It may tighten teeth and check the bad smell


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