Retin A® Janssen 10g/20g

0.025%-0.05% Tretinoin Cream by Janssen Cilag
(64 customer reviews)

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✓ Mild and moderate strengths available in creamy base

✓ Chemical skin exfoliator peel cream

✓ Retinoic acid cream suitable for wrinkle treatment

✓ Extremely effective in combating signs of aging

✓ Acne and after-acne treatment solution

✓ Works by increasing the skin cell turnover rate and helps gently exfoliate the skin

✓ Reputable manufacturer Janssen Cilag (J&J daughter company)

Retin-A cream is made by reputable manufacturer Johnson&Johnson / Janssen Cilag. It is a skin cream made from an acidic form of Vitamin A and belongs to a retinoids family. This cream in a creamy emollient base and perfectly suitable as an anti-wrinkle remedy for the rough and dry skin.

The generic name of Retin-A cream is tretinoin or retinoic acid. Retin A cream was originally designed to treat acne, but dermatologists found that Retin-A creams are also extremely effective in combating signs of aging – including wrinkles, uneven skin tone, dark spots and sagging.

Here is what Wikipedia say about tretinoin component and retinoids in general. Below you can find useful information everyone needs to know about using Retin-A to reduce wrinkles, allowing finally to turn back the clock for real.

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What is original pure Retinol Retin-A tretinoin cream by Janssen

All-trans retinoic acid is the main ingredient of Retin-A cream by reputable Janssen Cilag. The main ingredient is important in terms of not only increasing skin-cell growth rate but delivering cell membrane nutrients to dramatically increase oxygen transport, which supports the collagen matrix. It is a daily aid to keep the aging skin cells functioning properly by increasing cell turnover.

The skin-cell maturation process may take 21 days. But the movement of cells and maturation is hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly. Different skin cells are transforming all the time, every second. When we age cell turnover slows down dramatically but Retin-A cream with active Vitamin A metabolite is the skin product that allows to speed up renewing skin cells every second and maintain the required cell refresh cycle rhythm.

Retin-A it already included in the anti-aging skin care regimen of many celebrities and recommended by dermatologists worldwide. Always consult with your dermatologist prior start using tretinoin cream topically.

The cream is a genuine and original product of Johnson&Johnson daughter company Jannsen Cilag by OLIC.  This famous cream is very smooth and easy to apply with non-greasy and non-adhesive creamy base.

Originally Retin-A creme was created to treat acne, it is the most effective solution in preventing acne and polishing acne scars. Moreover Retin-A cream also flawlessly used in cosmetology to reduce fine lines and gradually remove the appearance of wrinkles, age, and sunspots, the roughness of facial skin. While also this cream is very good for hyperpigmented skin, helps to remove darker and lighter skin spots on photodamaged skin and hyperpigmented/dark discolorated skin. Retin-A cream is also widely used with other topical treatments to treat alopecia and other kinds of hair loss problems. All tretinoin creams must be used with a total sunlight avoidance program. Retin A 0.05 percent is one of an acids family called retinoids, powerful cream-exfoliant. Brand names: Retin-A Creme, Renova, Avita, Refissa Amazon, Atralin, buy retin a online with affordable price.

Retin-A 0.05 cream (tretinoin, generic tretinoin) is a long-time skincare staple, and as most dermatologists suggest, should be included in a person’s everyday routine. Originally prescribed to help fight acne, this topical cream is also an effective wrinkle fighter and helps improve overall skin tone.

Made with vitamin A and part of the retinoid family, Retin-A 0.025/0.05 cream works by increasing skin cell turnover. You will find it and its generic version in many strengths (0.1%, 0.05%, 0.04%, 0.025%), and your dermatologist can help determine which one is right for you.

Retin-A is often applied at night in very small amounts. It’s typically recommended to use only a pea-size amount and spread a light layer on your face. Because retinoids increase sun sensitivity, it is crucial to wear ample sunscreen every day, even in winter or when it’s overcast. Most dermatologists recommend at least SPF 30 sunscreen.

While you are adjusting to Retin-A, you might experience some skin redness, dryness, itching, scaling, or even find that skin conditions worsen during your first few weeks of treatment. Stick with it. Results often take several weeks to appear. You may start by applying the product every other night, or ask your dermatologist about using a lower dose, to help the adjustment period.

Retin-A cream anti-aging skincare benefits

  • Eliminate facial wrinkles – reduced signs of skin aging, collagen production boost, restoration of skin, reduction and preventing fine lines and wrinkles;
  • Improved skin natural elasticity, texture whitish tone, younger looking, glossy, firm, toned and tightened skin;
  • Increase in radiance and luminosity of the facial skin, elimination of dry, rough, scaly skin when used with moisturizers and vitamin serums as a skin care routine;
  • A gradual effective decrease in skin hyperpigmentation such as sunspots, photo-damage, age discoloration spots, and other related dark spots;
  • Acne scars removal, regeneration of damaged skin, enlarged pores tightening;
  • Stretch marks reduction in combination with Vitamin C serums and moisturizers;
  • Effective exfoliating solution against melasma/chloasma and freckles, as well as oily skin conditions;
  • Fast and extremely effective skin lightening results when used in combination with hydroquinone creams;
  • Good for sensitive, tired and mature skin, in bumpy, rough, uneven skin tone conditions.

Retin-A cream dermatologic skincare benefits

  • Cure for acne prone skin, acne scars, Fordyce spots, deeper lumps (cysts and cystic acne);
  • Blackheads and whiteheads self-removal features, any type of pimples / comedone treatment, pores unblocking;
  • A perfect solution for seborrhea and seborrheic dermatitis, pearly penile papules, acne conglobata;
  • Pyoderma faciale, any kind of problematic skin, Staphylococcus aureus (golden staph);
  • Demodex treatment – a genus of tiny parasitic mites that live in or near hair follicles, face smell;
  • Carbuncles, impetigo, sore, sebaceous, pilonidal sinus, keloid scars, shingles, nodules;
  • Milia, old stretch marks, skin scars, different skin imperfections, skin spots, and marks;
  • Keratosis pilaris, keloid scars, actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratosis, large pores tightening.

How does Retin-A tretinoin cream work

Retin A cream or all-trans retinoic acid is an active Vitamin A metabolite that affects the way skin cells behave, adapt and refresh. Retin A cream eliminates certain symptoms of acne and a wide variety of other skin imperfections. As anti-aging solution, Retin A reduces fine wrinkles and age spots caused by aging or sun damage. Retin A cream prevents different skin disorders by blocking the hardening processes of the outer layer of the skin. It also facilitates the shedding, exfoliating of old skin cells to better promote the formation and growth of new ones. Once we combine all these positivities together in Retin a creme, we get a product that not only speeds up skin cell turnover, but it also clears up blackheads, pimples and other acne symptoms and skin imperfections that could be so hard to get rid of under normal circumstances.

How to use generic Retin A cream

  • Always consult to your dermatologist prior start using any original or generic Retin A cream;
  • Wash the area with warm soapy water or a soap-free cleanser and rinse with water;
  • Remove all cosmetics before applying. Gently dry the area. Wait 15 minutes to make sure that the skin surface is completely dry;
  • Squeeze a small amount (quarter inch or less) of the cream onto your fingertip. This should be enough to cover the affected area;
  • Apply cream to the affected area once a day, preferably in the evening or just before bedtime.

Do not use Retin-A cream

  • Either pregnant or may become pregnant during use;
  • Allergic to any of its ingredients or suffering from eczema (tretinoin may cause severe irritation);
  • Suffering from rosacea or perioral dermatitis skin conditions or using any skin peeling cream or other substance that contains resorcinol, salicylic acid or sulfur are, or have been, exposed to sunlight for a longer period of time;
  • Do not use more than once a day. Using more frequently does not improve results and may lead to adverse reactions.

Retin A cream buy online

Okdermo skincare is the online store where you can buy Retin-A cream online OTC.

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Janssen Cilag

Janssen Cilag Pharmaceutica (Thailand and India) is a pharmaceutical company headquartered in Beerse, Belgium. It was founded in 1953 by Paul Janssen. In 1961, Janssen Pharmaceutica was purchased by New Jersey-based American corporation Johnson & Johnson, and became part of Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research and Development (J&J PRD), now renamed to Janssen Research and Development (JRD), which conducts research and development activities related to a wide range of human medical disorders, including mental illness, neurological disorders, anaesthesia and analgesia, gastrointestinal disorders, fungal infection, HIV/AIDS, allergies and cancer. Janssen and Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical have been placed in the Ortho-McNeil-Janssen group within Johnson & Johnson. Johnson & Johnson groups its companies operating worldwide in the pharmaceutical sector under the “Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson & Johnson” trademark. Since October 2015, Cilag AG’s market presence has been associated with the image of the Janssen trademark. By adopting the Janssen image, Cilag takes its long-standing membership of the Johnson & Johnson Group and its strategic significance within the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies’ supply chain into account. Cilag AG is part of Janssen, the pharmaceuticals division of Johnson & Johnson, and produces pharmaceutical and medical products and active ingredients. The company is a strategic market launch and manufacturing location for some of Johnson & Johnson’s most important pharmaceutical products. Using state-of-the-art technologies and processes, Cilag AG produces a variety of pharmaceutical dosage forms and active chemical ingredients. Cilag AG was established in Schaffhausen in 1936 and has been part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies since 1959. In the 1990s in particular, the company expanded continuously through innovation, and today Cilag AG is one of the largest manufacturers in the Swiss pharmaceuticals industry. Cilag AG employs approximately 1,200 people.

Johnson & Johnson

At Johnson & Johnson, we believe good health is the foundation of vibrant lives, thriving communities, and forward progress. That’s why for more than 130 years, we have aimed to keep people well at every age and every stage of life. Today, as the world’s largest and most broadly based healthcare company, we are committed to using our reach and size for good. We strive to improve access and affordability, create healthier communities, and put a healthy mind, body, and environment within reach of everyone, everywhere. Every day, our more than 130,000 employees across the world are blending heart, science, and ingenuity to profoundly change the trajectory of health for humanity. Caring for the world, one person at a time, inspires and unites the people of Johnson & Johnson. We embrace innovation—bringing ideas, products and services to life to advance the health and well-being of people around the world. We believe in collaboration, and that has led to breakthrough after breakthrough, from medical miracles that have changed lives, to the simple consumer products that make every day a little better. Our over 125,000 employees in 60 countries are united in a common mission: to help people everywhere live longer, healthier, happier lives. Every day, millions of people around the world enjoy the benefits of products from the Johnson & Johnson Family of Companies. Very likely, someone in your family is one of them. Your family’s health and well-being is our passion. That’s why our companies offer the world’s broadest range of health care products. Whether you have a skin blemish or a serious medical condition, you and the health professionals you trust can turn to our companies’ products for comfort and care. You can rely on us to help keep baby fresh, quit smoking, or provide wound care. In operating rooms and laboratories, doctors and nurses, too, rely on products from our medical technology companies. Our products help them help people conquer life-threatening obesity, ward off colon cancer, and control their diabetes. The list goes on. And products from our pharmaceutical companies have likely helped someone you know. These prescription medicines treat a wide array of conditions, ranging from migraines and rheumatoid arthritis to cancer and serious infections.

Additional information


Mild 0.025% 10g, Moderate 0.05% 20g


Tretinoin 0.025 / 0.05 (0.25 mg / 0.5 mg respectively)


Sorbic acid

Cream base

64 reviews for Retin A® Janssen 10g/20g

  1. Angel Davis

    Always been very happy ordering from okdermo. My little tube of of Retin-A lasts me several months.

  2. Joyce Bates

    I heard alot of people trying this for acne & breaking out, so I was apprehensive. I don’t have acne anymore…I used to have perioral dermatitus (acne around the mouth) which I got anibiotics for and its now gone, but my problem is aging and damage to my skin for the sun because I used department store serums (Lancome Primordial Intense) outside, which gave me a precancerous mole and a red spot and faintlydark patch on my cheek. After just two nights of use my skin looks noticably better. It is not greasy, it feels more like putting hand sanitiser on your face, like theres alcohol in the gel, it drys quick and can make your skin dry so use like sunflower, rose hip, or a natural non pore clogging oil to clean and moisterise ur face.

  3. Jackie

    When used correctly, tretinoin is a miracle beauty cure sent from the gods. With anti-aging benefits and powerful acne treatment properties, both tretinoin products I’ve used pack a one-two punch. I had success with Retin-A of Janssen brand.

  4. Jamie Rhodes

    Retin-A isn’t for everyone. But it’s the gold standard in skincare for most. My mother is 50 and doesn’t even have LINES on her face. She has been using retinol and Retin-A for 20 years.

  5. Sidney Hernandez

    If you use it inappropriately or without the proper combination of other skincare products, it will be terrible for your skin. However, with the right regimen it is a godsend. First of all, go very, very slowly when beginning to use it or your skin could have a bad reaction (irritation, peeling, severe dryness). Only use a tiny amount mixed with your moisturizer a couple times a week (at night). You can slowly up this amount as your skin gets used to it, but don’t exceed once a night. I highly recommend not using any other medicated acne products while you’re using this. Also, make sure you are using some serious moisturizer and maybe a serum. This stuff will clear up your skin and practically erase fine lines on your face. I would recommend using it from a fairly young age (20’s) so that you’re preventing wrinkles and acne scars. I plan to keep using this indefinitely.

  6. Timothy F

    This product is worth a try I can assure you. I’m finally acne free after 5 horrific years.

  7. Kent Silva

    Depending on your skin type/ regime, you may need to skip days so it doesn’t over dry.

  8. Clara Brown

    I switch it up with Tazarotene (tazarotenic acid) to keep my skin guessing. I like the cream better in the winter (less drying) and the gel better in the summer (when my skin gets oily).

  9. Dana Nash

    I am 28 years old and love the product. It helps with breakout while combating wrinkles. I have been using for a little under a year and plan to use the product for the rest of my life. I visited dermatologist and he prerscribed it to me. Bought it OTC on okdermo store, but recommend everyone visit dermatologist to examine your skin. I rarely break out now, pores are smaller and skin is allover smoother. Very happy I started using this product!

  10. Don Shelton

    My doctor prescribed this tretinoin cream for me. I don’t use it on a regular basis like I should, but I can tell you that even though I don’t use it as often, my skin looks younger. I still have acne and I’m trying to get in the habit of using the cream more often, but my acne has diminished some. Overall, I like the product.

  11. Emanuel Sutton

    It is effective on both aging and acne but I used it so long I think I built up a tolerance of sorts.

  12. Jaime

    I have used the magic cream for just about 2,5 md now! I a see a big change. The skin is much thighter, and the wrinkle near my mouth corner has faded. I have startes vit c serum in the morning, and that is mayby why it works so well. I still peel, but not every day.

  13. Roosevelt Jefferson

    I’ve been using this product for a while, and let me first say that it’s really drying!! My skin is oily, acne prone and brown. Retin-A has really helped reduce my hyper pigmentation marks caused by my acne scars. I use a little on my marks (not my whole face) and it lightens it within 2-3 weeks.

  14. Sherri

    I had iud birth control for less than 2 months and broke out terribly. I removed the iud and started tretinoin cream .1 every 2 days for about 6 weeks and now use almost every other night… i still am experiencing breakouts during my period, so the acne is not completely gone, but I feel like the tretinoin cream has helped smoothed my overall skin texture and has also minimized some fine lines. One tube has lasted this long and I use on my face, back of hands, neck and chest. I am now running low and need to get a refill soon. Happy I found okdermo! Thank you guys

  15. Denise Curry

    I am 50 years old, I use retin a cream 0.05% for wrinkles, it is perfect. I buy it here in okdermo.

  16. Evan W

    I’ve used this product for almost a year now. I experienced mild dry skin the first couple of days, which eventually faded. My occasional mild acne cleared up immediately and youthful, radiant skin appeared. I started getting compliments. Five months passed and my tube was coming to an end, so I called for a refill. Apparently my dermatologist recommends a check up every six months so my refill was declined. The soonest I could be seen was 3 weeks later. As I started the new tube I noticed extremely dry, flakey, red skin and acne in spots I’ve never had before on my face. This freaked me out! But I continued the cream and it all cleared up after a week. I now have clear, radiant skin again. Moral of the story, don’t lose hope. Give it time.

  17. Fernando Peterson

    2 months. Went through the dry skin, red skin, ‘ugly phase’. But stick with it. It really does work!!! My skin tone is perfect and my skin is so clear.

  18. Sheila Hubbard

    If your skin can handle it, start using the lowest strength Retin-A (I believe it’s 0.025%) ONCE A WEEK (no more) and a PEA-SIZE amount on 100% dry skin at night. Don’t use any other treatment (night cream, serums, etc) on your skin the night you use Retin-A (other ingredients might irritate you). Evenly apply it over your entire face. Again, no more than a pea-size or you’ll regret it. If you have very sensitive skin, use a “buffer” before applying Retin-A (I recommend Cerave or another thick cream moisturizer with as a few ingredients as possible). Again – ONCE A WEEK. See if your skin can handle it. If a month has passed with minimal/no peeling or redness, bump up to twice a week. Some people can’t use Retin-A more than once a week. Ever. That might be your limit. Some people can use Retin-A nightly after several months of adjustment. Some people can handle the 0.1% (I cannot). 0.5% is plenty strong for most people.

  19. Sonya Harris

    If you’re new to Retin-A, please use a low-strength retinol first for a few months to get your skin adjusted.

  20. Sharon Lane

    Peeling and redness is normal when adjusting to Retin-A. But, you need to scale down if this happens. If you peel keep products off your face. Use the gentlest cleanser you can find with the fewest ingredients. Keep your skin hydrated. Use a thick moisturizer

  21. Rhonda

    Retin-a can work but only with time

  22. Linda

    Saved my skin after 10 years of battling with acne!

  23. Wilma L

    Works after 3 weeks! Love it!

  24. Bobby Graves

    So I’m currently 24, I’ve been battling acne scne 17! Cyctic acne that is for sure hormonal a year ago it got to the point where I would wana cry when I look in the mirror because I would see a new cyct every day! Nightmare! So I used Retin A 0.025 at night and clindoxyl get in the am. My skin got worse in the begining, it was red, it was peeling, but than it got better after 3 months and after 6 I would say I was acne free! It was amazing, however than Retin A was out of stock for couple of months and I got my acne back! Now I bought it againg, but I have to start the whole prosses againg waiting for my skin to get better. At this point I’m willing to because Retin A is the only thing that helps me. I like thia product, you need to mistrise a lot and use lots of sunscreen and BE PATIENT because every skin problem takes awhile to be fixed so dont give up, dermatologist promis a flawless skin after 6 months of using it! Good luck!

  25. Dean

    Helps my oily skin, but not my acne

  26. KATIE

    to it in 2 weeks. Great service, thank you !

  27. Olive Delgado

    No one with good or ok skin should buy this cream!

  28. Chester

    It takes time (and trials), but it does work

  29. Albert R

    I’ve been using tretinion cream off and on for almost 15 years. You must have patience with it and give it at least 6 months. Also to note; I tried it without benzoyl peroxide or sylic acid wash and it did not work. I’m 28 so I’ve tried all different approaches to this. If you keep using it when you get older your skin will look much more youthful. Can’t hurt to add this with your regimen of other products!

  30. Joe Pratt

    Cannot really see a difference after 4 months, prob go higher strength 0.05%

  31. Lydia

    I am in love, whit Retin-a! I have been using Retin -a in 45 days, and I see a big change in my skin. I use 0,5%, every night. I put it on my hole face, including under the eyes. During the first weeks, I peeled, and was a bit red. I noticed that my skin felt thigter. After 30 days, I begun to see smaler pores, and the pigmentspots are brighter. I use use only Retin -a, and suncream in the morning.

  32. Brady

    The only one really effective solution, highly recommend

  33. Melissa

    I’ve been using it for years, very helpful in my age

  34. Rebecca Mom

    Favorite, but delivery quite long

  35. Donald Warren

    This is a serious beauty product

  36. K. Snyder

    Very happy with this product, it works! want to reduce the looks of a wrinkle in as little as afew days.. done

  37. Mika HJ.

    First time in ordering the cream, I ordered it for my upper arms. For my face, I use the tretinoin microsphere.. Always happy with okdermo, fast shipping and prices are decent. Thank you for selling these products!

  38. Alice Jones

    I’m 52, sought help from a dermatologist for under skin bumps, blackheads and oily skin. I’ve been using this product for a few months now and in the beginning, as stated in other posts, I experienced dry, irritable skin but in the past few weeks, I’ve noticed a noticeable change. My skin is radiant, even tone and the bumps are practically all gone. I use coconut oil as a night moisturiser and this cream daily. I also use a sunscreen. I have been getting very positive comments on the youthfulness of my skin. 🙂

  39. Casey T

    Not only is this medication great for anti aging purposes but is also great for a condition called milia. Not many ppl know of it but it’s a lot different then acne. It’s trapped dead skin cells under your skin that forms what looks like a white head only you can’t pop it. To get rid of them you need to exfoliate a lot. This cream just speeds up the process. So not only do you get rid of pesky little white bumps on your face but you get the anti aging benefits too. And yes it does take a while for your skin to adjust. Dryness and peeling and flaking occur for a while after you start treatment but if you truly want it to work you have to be patient and let the cream do its job.

  40. Brenda

    As always, web site user friendly and product is shipped timely and always receive it in 3 weeks after ordering, thank you for support!

  41. Best

    Provides Youthful for my skin

  42. Doug Griffin

    Anyways, Retin-A is no joke. It’s potent. Please be knowledgeable and prepared before you begin using this product or you’ll regret it. I used SkinCeuticals 0.5% (and then 1.0% Maximum Strength) for 2 years before moving into Retin-A. SkinCeuticals Retinol is like a less potent version of Retin A. Skinceuticals 1.0% is comparable 0.0.25% Retin-A. My skin is slightly sensitive BTW but can tolerate retinols.

  43. Erika Malone

    I use a 0.25% tretinoin cream from Janssen it’s great for reducing large cystic acne deep underneath your skin. It is really strong and I’ve experienced extremely dry cracked sensitive skin, redness that looks like you’ve been sunburned and flaking that looks gross and can’t be covered by makeup. I recommend using it sparingly and layer on a heavy duty moisturizer at night.

  44. Girly S.

    I am very pleased with this cream. Helps keep my skin even, acne free, and clear. I moved up to this strength once my skin was used to the .025 strength. Also helps keep wrinkles away!

  45. Stewart B

    Definitely works!! (after months)

  46. Toni

    Only positive results!

  47. Bekky

    Perfect! Super fast delivery, works just as exected now that i have a routine. i couldnt be happier! (:

  48. Miranda Silver

    This was my fist purchase with Okdermo and it was perfect. The product is exactly what I wanted and arrived in less than 3 week. Very happy

  49. Ella Ballard

    I have been using this 0.05 tretinoin generic brand for two months. It has done a great improvement on my skin. The beginning was rough but I continued till my skin was adjusted and now I use it every night.

  50. Lance

    Just started using it..

  51. Tara Miller

    Love this cream! Works brilliantly! Priced right too! Thanks!

  52. Benjamin


  53. Fiona Love

    Item came super quick and the item was exactly as advertised !!!
    Great seller !!!!!!!

  54. Brendy F.

    So glad I found this site. It is a pleasure to order products from. Great product and fast delivery. thanks

  55. Mark P

    Tretinoin has literally changed my life

  56. Kriss

    Very great cream ! Not too harsh on the skin, and gives WONDERFUL results !

  57. Bernardine Ferguson

    Excellent product, excellent service.

  58. Happy customer

    Tretinoin works greats acne and fast!

  59. Michelle

    Nice formula, absorbs quickly and keeps my skin smooth, works for me emollient base

  60. Daryl S

    Stay faithful acne sufferers! You’re not alone and there IS a product out there for you!!

  61. Irving G


  62. Brooke Garza

    I hope this review helps! It really did wonders for my skin.

  63. Ricky Mcguire

    I was prescribed for dark spots on my face. I bought 0.025%, although the dark spots are stillthere they have not grown or intensified. Also I have less acne and whiteheads

  64. Margaux

    I used to use this some when I was a teen for acne, so luckily no virgin skin here. I started using nightly from the beginning. I’ve been using it close to a week maybe a week and a half. Using it now for pore refining, occasion breakouts, skin texture, sagging, and wrinkles. This stuff is miraculous! I already am seeing results! My skin doesn’t look great under makeup because I am still in the skin purging stage, and still getting pimples, but I see the light! So much improvement already! You have to keep pushing through the beginning worsening and possible sensitivity and I am telling you the end results are worth it! I started at 0.05% because I knew my skin could handle it, but recommend lower strength and less weekly applications for those who have never used it in the beginning and work your way up. I added the placenta extract cream and it keeps any sensitivity I would have at bay. I also use 100% l-ascorbic acid for anti-aging, niacinamide for pores and less oiliness, and hyaluronic acid during the day, and occasionally substitute the l-ascorbic acid for AHA leave on serum. Sunscreen is important if you will be outside a lot and lightly wash your face with a sulfate free (soap free) cleanser that has no harsh chemicals in it. Don’t use a toner with alcohol in it or any harsh acids. I think a lot of people use Retin-a incorrectly and in combination with other products they shouldn’t or don’t need it and the side effects end up not worth it (because if you have bad skin problems and aging it’s totally worth going through the beginning purge!). Use it right and be patient and you will be amazed at the results! I wish I could add pictures of the progress my skin has made already!

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