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NMF E Urea® Cream

Urea + Aloe Vera Extract

(1 customer review)

USD $26.00

NMF E Urea® Cream is for very dry skin is used to treat dry/rough skin conditions (e.g., eczema, psoriasis, corns, callus) and some nail problems (e.g., ingrown nails). It may also be used to help remove dead tissue in some wounds to help wound healing. Urea is known as a keratolytic.

Size: 150g / 5.3oz
Brand name: Pro-39 Urea
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Items: 2 - 4 5%
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What is NMF E Urea® Cream?

NMF E Urea® Cream is for very dry skin, contains Urea and Aloe vera in a base of ethoxylated lanolin. Urea hydrates and moisturizes the skin to prevent dryness and hyperkeratosis. Aloe vera confers anti-inflammatory effects, reduces skin itching due to dryness, and moisturizes the skin. Lanolin base makes the skin lustrous.

NMF E Urea® Cream benefits ichthyosis and psoriasis patients and can be used as a cost-effective and safe alternative to or along with topical corticosteroids. The moisturizing skin cream is also useful for those suffering from foot fissures, chapped skin, dull and aging skin, and skin damaged by sunlight. Pregnant women, surgery, and plaster patients can use this intensely moisturizing cream to reduce stretch marks and post-surgery scars and to restore skin moisture and luster.

The outer layer of your skin is called your epidermis, and it can be divided into five sublayers. The outermost sublayer, the stratum corneum, keeps unwanted molecules from entering your body and prevents water loss through your skin. The water-retaining property of the stratum corneum largely comes from a group of substances known as natural moistening factors (NMFs). Among these NMFs are urea, various amino acids, lactic acid, pyrrolidone carboxylic acid.

Urea targets general skin dryness or medical conditions associated with dry or itchy skin. Urea can also help exfoliate dead skin buildup and may help target fungal infections. Dry skin can be successfully treated with creams or lotions containing urea. Urea is a humectant. This means it keeps your skin moist by drawing water from the deeper layers of your skin and the air. Urea is known as a keratolytic agent. This means it breaks down the protein keratin in the outer layer of your skin. This action can help reduce dead skin buildup and get rid of flaking or scaling skin.

NMF E Urea® Cream is used to treat a variety of conditions associated with dry, rough, or scaling skin. In particular, it’s commonly used to treat conditions of the feet like calluses, corns, some nail problems. Urea creams and lotions have been used as a successful treatment for dry skin, atopic dermatitis (eczema), ichthyosis, contact dermatitis, radiation dermatitis, fungal nail infections, tinea pedis (athlete’s foot), keratosis pilaris, itchy skin, ingrown nails, calluses, foot corns.