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Nevimune® Nevirapine Tablets

Nevirapine 200mg

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USD $54.00


Nevimune® Tablet belongs to a group of medicines called antiretrovirals. It is used to treat HIV (human immunodeficiency virus), the virus that can cause AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). It helps to control HIV infection so your immune system can work better. Nevirapine is the active ingredient used to manufacture Nevimune® tablets. Nevimune tablets are mainly used in treating HIV infections.

Nevimune® Tablet reduces the chances of getting HIV-related complications and improves your lifespan. It can be taken empty stomach or with food and is prescribed in combination with other HIV medicines. Taking all these medicines regularly at the right times greatly increases their effectiveness and reduces the chances of HIV becoming resistant to them. It is important to keep taking them regularly until your doctor tells you it is safe to stop.

Size: 60 Tablets
Brand name: Viramune
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Items: 2 - 4 5%
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What is Viramune Generic – Nevirapine 200mg Tablet?

Nevirapine is used in combination with other medicines for the treatment of the infection caused by the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). HIV is the virus that causes acquired immune deficiency syndrome (AIDS). Nevirapine is a non-nucleoside reverse transcriptase inhibitor (NNRTI). It works by lowering the amount of HIV in the blood.

Nevirapine will not cure HIV infection or AIDS, however, it helps keep HIV from reproducing and appears to slow down the destruction of the immune system. This may help delay the development of problems that usually result from AIDS or HIV disease. Nevirapine will not keep you from spreading HIV to other people. People who receive this medicine may continue to have some of the problems usually related to AIDS or HIV disease.

Nevirapine belongs to antiretroviral medications, and they are used in manufacturing Nevimune tablets. The chief usage of Nevimune tablets is to treat patients infected with HIV infections. HIV infections affect the human immune system and lower its function. As a result, there is a higher chance for the other infections to Couse severe effects on the body. Nevimune tablets can successfully reduce the viral concentration within the body. Therefore the immune system can function better. HIV is an infection that cannot be cured. It is essential to maintain the normal functions of the immune system. So Nevimune tablets help in preserving the part of the immune system.

Nevimune is not the final solution for HIV infections. It reduces the risk of others getting the infection and lowers its severity. Nevirapine is a drug that belongs to non-nucleotide reverse transcriptase inhibitors. They can alter the catalytic step of the DNA and RNA-dependent polymerases. Nevimune tablets get absorbed well and are taken orally. It has considerably higher bioavailability, more than 94%. That means the majority of the drug molecules reach the plasma concentration. The maximum plasma concentration can be achieved within four hours of administration. The correct administration of Nevimune as prescribed by the physician will help maintain a constant plasma level.

While consuming Nevimune tablets, it is your responsibility to protect others from infecting HIV. As you will be a responsible person, you can take a few steps to prevent spreading the infection to others from you. Avoid using barrier methods during sexual intercourse, and avoid sharing personal equipment that contacts body fluids and blood. Nevimune tablets will not be effective when you use them after accidental exposure to HIV infected person. There are different antiretroviral which has been manufactured to use after post-exposure events.

How to use Nevimune (Viramune) tablets

Nevimune tablets can be swallowed orally with a glass of water. There are no nay food interactions with the Nevimune tablets. You can take them even with or without food. If you feel any difficulty or notice any change, please consult the physician for further advice.

The physician will calculate the dose depending on your viral load, age, gender, and other medical conditions. So never try to self-administer the Nevimune tablets. If you consume a lower dose, it will not help fight against the viral infection. And also, when you use larger amounts, it can Couse side effects and lead to drug resistance. There are limited types of antiretroviral drugs available. Therefore use them wisely.

Side effects of Nevirapine Tablet

Nausea, vomiting, and tiredness are a few side effects experienced by the majority. These side effects become tolerable with time. Dizziness is a rare side effect that may require additional medical help.

With the help of antiviral medications, your immune system starts performing well and starts to disappear the symptoms of various other infections. But your immune system becomes overactive, rarely causing different adverse reactions. Whenever you notice severe weight loss, muscle wasting, muscle pain, joint pain, loss of sensation, vision changes, or swelling of lymph nodes, go and take medical advice.

When using Nevimune for a prolonged period, the fat gets deposited on various body parts. The adipose tissues around the stomach, upper back, arms, and legs get filled with fat. In such cases, you can be engaged in daily exercises to reduce fat deposits.


  • Be cautious if you are allergic to Nevirapine. Tell the doctor regarding your allergy history during the assessment.
  • Be cautious if you have liver problems and lactose intolerance.
  • There is a chance of becoming drowsy after the consumption of the medication. Therefore avoid using products that make you drowsier. Eg, alcohol, and cannabis.
  • You can use the Nevimune tablets during pregnancy with medical advice. It can reduce the chance of transmitting the infection to the baby.
  • Nevimune tablets can be excreted via breast milk. So avoid breastfeeding if you have been diagnosed as HIV positive.