SkinLite® 3-Way Cream 25g/0.9oz

Hydroquinone 2% + Tretinoin 0.025% + Mometasone 0.1%

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Skinlite cream is prescribed for the treatment of dry skin, rough dark patches and tiny bumps on the skin. Lightens light brown color patches on skin, age spots, skin discolorations associated with pregnancy, skin trauma, birth control pills along with several other problems.

Skinlite cream contains the salts of Hydroquinone 2 percent, Mometasone 0.1 percent, and Tretinoin 0.025 percent as active ingredients that are used together to eliminate the chronic skin disorder melasma.

This cream is often prescribed by dermatologists for patients that have hyperpigmentation concerns, melasma or freckles. Who have areas of skin that are darker than the rest and the discoloration can make them feel self-conscious and more

Skinlite cream is considered a lighter/alternative version of Triluma cream.

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Skinlite 3-way skin whitening cream

Skinlite cream is made by reputable company Liva Healthcare. It is a topical skin cream containing a combination of salts that are used together to eliminate the chronic skin disorder melasma. Melasma is characterized by symmetrical, blotchy, brownish facial pigmentation caused by overproduction of melanin by the pigment-producing cells melanocytes. It is thought to have a genetic predisposition and may be triggered by various factors including sun exposure, pregnancy, hormone treatments, some toiletries, and hypothyroidism (low thyroid hormone). The production of melanin is controlled by the enzyme tyrosine in melanocytes.

Brand name: Aclaro, Alera, Alphaquin HP, Eldopaque, Eldoquin, EpiQuin Micro, Esoterica Daytime, Hydroquinone and Sunscreen, Lustra, Melpaque HP, Melquin HP, Nuquin HP, Palmers Skin Success Eventone Fade, Remergent HQ

Skinlite 3-way skin whitening cream composition

Hydroquinone 2% in Skinlite cream is a tyrosinase inhibitor that inhibits the formation of melanin by melanocytes and thereby lightens the skin.

Tretinoin 0.025% in Skinlite cream is keratolytic with anti-inflammatory properties that work by binding to specific retinoic acid receptors in the nucleus of skin cells to regulate growth and differentiation, by enhancing skin epithelial cell proliferation and accelerating epithelial differentiation. Tretinoin in Skinlite cream also blocks the hardening processes of the outer skin layer (keratinization and cornification) and increases the shedding of old hardened skin cells, while at the same time promoting the growth of new skin cells. This process speeds up skin cell turnover which has the effect of lightening the skin.

Mometasone 0.1% in Skinlite cream is an anti-inflammatory component that works by blocking the production of inflammatory chemicals, like prostaglandins and leukotrienes; and also narrows and constricts causes blood vessels that have become dilated (widened) and leaky allowing other inflammatory cells into the skin to escalate the inflammatory response. This action of Mometasone in Skinlite cream reduces the risk of developing contact dermatitis that may be caused by hydroquinone and tretinoin. This combination of strong cosmeceutical components for the treatment of melasma has been found to provide better improvement than treatment with a single component.

Why use Skinlite skin whitening cream

Skinlite cream is used in the treatment, control, prevention and improvement of the following skin conditions:

  • Dry, rough patches and tiny bumps on the skin;
  • Lightens light brown color patches on the skin;
  • Age spots, skin trauma, birth control pills;
  • Skin discolorations associated with pregnancy;
  • Hormone replacement therapy during menopause;
  • Skin inflammation, skin itching, allergic reactions.

How to use Skinlite skin lightening cream

Everyone has to follow the instructions for the use of Skinlite cream exactly as they were given to you by your dermatologist. Ask any questions if you aren’t sure. Never change the amount or the frequency of use on your own. Your history, pigmentation, and other concerns will all influence your dose amount and frequency, always consult with your dermatologist prior.

This cream is typically going to be applied once or twice per day as your dermatologist prescribed to you. Apply a thin amount of it and rub it in well. Rub the cream in until it complete dissolves. Applying too much of it can have adverse effects on your skin so make sure you still to the amount you are using.

How Skinlite 3-way skin whitening cream works

Skinlite cream improves the user skin condition by performing the following functions:

  • Reducing the accumulation of skin pigment and hampers important processes within the cells;
  • Peels off an old rough skin, promoting the growth of new and fresh skin layer;
  • Reducing the production of substances in the body that cause inflammation;

Skinlite 3-way skin whitening cream side effects

Some of these side-effects may be very rare or not found if the salt or molecule is in trace amounts. Not every side effect occurs in every person. Please consult your dermatologist if you observe any of these side effects even in a mild form: sensitivity to sunlight, skin reaction, itchy, inflamed skin, mild to moderate irritation, sore. Always consult your dermatologist/doctor prior to using Skinlite cream.

The skin can become irritated when you use Skinlite (hydroquinone 2%, tretinoin 0.025% and mometasone 0.1%) cream. Skin also may become itchy or have a burning sensation. Areas may become red and small blisters may form around hair follicles. Let your dermatologist know of any such side effects. All the negative side effects and irritation should diminish within a few weeks as your body gets used to the cream.

You may notice your skin is more sensitive to sunlight, to heat, and to cold. Do your best to maintain a normal body temperature when you can. Always wear sunscreen and long sleeves when you are out in the sun as a precaution.

If you notice swelling or severe rash you need to seek medical attention as you may have an allergic reaction to Skinlite cream. Only apply it to one area for the first few days to make sure you don’t have such an adverse reaction. If nothing develops after the first few days you can apply it to the areas approved by your dermatologist. Make sure your dermatologist is aware of all medications and herbal supplements you may use. Not all of them will interact well with this particular product. If you have skin problems such as eczema then you aren’t a good candidate for this product. Using it can make your other skin issues more severe than before.

Skinlite 3-way skin whitening cream precautions

Cream contains herbs, medicines, and supplements, and salt interactions may increase or decrease the activity of Skinlite cream when taken together. Skinlite Cream may interact with the following salts: Alcohol, Benzoyl peroxide, Itraconazole, Minoxidil, Omacetaxine, Prednisolone.

  • Avoid becoming pregnant during and within one month after stopping treatment;
  • Avoid exposure to sunlight and UV light;
  • Avoid getting this cream in your eyes, nose, or mouth;
  • Avoid unnecessary sun exposures and cover the treated areas with clothing;
  • Consult your dermatologist before applying Skinlite cream;
  • Not recommended using Skinlite cream in the following situations: application on eczematous, hypersensitivity, irritated or injured skin, lactation, pregnancy, peroxide, phenol.

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Hydroquinone 2%

Mometasone Furoate 0.1%

Tretinoin 0.025%

In a cream base qs

Exposure to sunlight or UV light will cause repigmentation of bleached area.

Keep the tube tightly closed after use in a cold place.