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Hot & Cold Facial Hammer

Ultrasonic Cryotherapy Face Wand

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USD $44.00


The hot and cold hammer is used as a facial treatment and massage tool, hammerhead reaching different temperatures (hot or cold). The hot mode of the hammer relaxes and opens pores while stimulating blood circulation beneath the skin. The cold mode soothes tired and overheated skin and closes pores while locking moisture into the skin.


  • LED Light Therapy and Heating Therapy
  • Cooling Therapy: Max Heat is 42ºC / 107ºF ; Max Cool is 11ºC / 52ºF;

The hot hammer opens facial pores so they can be cleansed of debris, toxins, excess oil, and bacteria. The cold hammer helps tighten the skin, which promotes elasticity while smoothing wrinkles and crows’ feet.

  • Accelerate skin blood circulation, and promote cell metabolism
  • Opens pores and rapidly absorbs moisturizers and care products
  • Deep cleans skin and removes dirt and black spots
  • Relieve skin tension and fatigue, shrink pores, tighten the skin, and lock moisture
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What is Hot and Cold Facial Hammer?

Pave the way for further skincare and maintenance with LED Light Hot & Cold Facial Hammer Therapy. Deeply clean every pore, make the skin softer, smoother and clearer with the Ultrasonic Cryotherapy LED Light Therapy Hot Cold Facial Lifting & Tightening Massager. Mini size, USB charging design, easy to carry, can be charged at any time and anywhere, suitable for home and travel use. Safe for any skin type such as aging, dry, oily, sensitive, or normal skin.

The Hot & Cold Facial Hammer Wand combines 3 unique technologies into one device! Help with acne and oily skin. Treat sunspots and ageing areas. Reduce inflammation and improve circulation. So MANY benefits can be achieved from this amazing device, and it takes only a few minutes per day!

Hot & Cold Facial Hammer Wand is a premium skincare device combining 5 different modes of Hot & Cold massage with sonic vibration and LED light treatment to eliminate wrinkles, fine lines, and breakouts. The stainless steel Hammer temperature panel boosts absorption of skincare products to bring hydrated and smooth skin, increase blood circulation, reduce tightness, relax muscles and relieve pain.

4-In-1 Fusion Technology is the ultimate in handheld versatility allowing for 4 different technologies that work cohesively to deliver rejuvenating and improving effects onto the skin. On the fly switch between Hot or Cold massage along with simultaneously activating micro-vibration massage and Blue or Red Led light therapy to deliver rejuvenating anti-aging benefits.

Hot & Cold Beauty Principle – Hot Massage Principle-When the skin reaches 42 C it produces HSP proteins to repair skin cells and strengthen skin elasticity to prevent the formation of wrinkles. Nursing the skin to 42 C helps expand the pores to absorb topical treatments more effectively and also allows deeper cleaning. Cold Massage Principle – While exposing the skin to colder temperatures around 6 C helps shrink the pores, tighten the skin and relieve skin tension and fatigue.

Wireless portable use – compact and lightweight, easy to bring, and fits your bag size perfectly. Lightweight and compact enough to carry with you anywhere. Charges with the included USB cable for on the go use.

Features and Benefits of Hot and Cold Facial Hammer

  • Sonic Vibration Massage-High frequency vibration at 8200 times per minute to stimulate skin cells and promote blood circulation to relieve fatigue and rejuvenate the facial complexion.
  • Hot Massage: Opens up the pores for deep cleansing and also repairs damaged skin. This is ideal for applying any topical treatments as it enhances the absorption rate for maximum benefit.
  • Cold Massage: Detoxifies and shrinks pores. As we age our skin loses more moisture and becomes dehydrated resulting in visible wrinkles. Cold therapy shrinks pores and stimulates collagen production.
  • Red Light Therapy: Promotes blood circulation and collagen regeneration to increase skin elasticity. Red light also repairs damaged skin and diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Blue Light Therapy: Kills bacterium from within the skin whilst diminishing inflammation to prevent breakouts, rosacea, and blemishes.

LED Light Photon Therapy

Red Light:

  • Improves cell activity
  • Promote cell metabolism
  • Accelerate blood circulation
  • Improve skin elasticity and skin tone

Blue Light:

  • Reduce skin oil secretion
  • Quickly inhibit inflammation
  • Prevent and acne growth

How to use Hot & Cold Facial Hammer

Used only on the face, eye, and neck area. Do not use if you have any of the following conditions: heart disease, fever, communicable disease, cancer, open cuts, acute disease, hypertension, hypertension, pacemaker implant, artificial heart or lung, during medical treatment, skin disease, sunburn, or ultra-sensitive skin.

Deep Pore Cleansing: Wash your face with water and apply a facial cleanser. turn on the device and activate heating and vibration mode. Massage the face thoroughly, the heat will open up clogged pores for deep cleanse to remove dirt and grime.

Skin Rejuvenation: After cleansing your face. Apply your preferred topical (cream, serum, etc) on the skin. Turn on heat mode to a comfortable level, then activate sonic vibration and red or blue LED light mode. Massage thoroughly in a circular motion 5-6 minutes.

Skin Renewal: After opening up pores for the absorption of skincare products. IT is time to shrink the pores to lock in moisture and increase elasticity. Turn on cold massage and sonic vibration along with red LED light mode. Massage outward to cheeks, chin, and forehead for 5-6 minutes.

Use the product daily. Your skin will start appearing cleaner and refreshed through the first several uses. Within 3 weeks you still start seeing tighter skin and diminishes wrinkles.


Body material: ABS
Probe head material: Stainless steel
Input voltage: DC 5V
Temperature: 6~42°C(±3°C)
Vibration frequency: 8200(±10)rpm
Battery capacity: 1000mAh
Charging time: 5-6 hours
Charging power: 2.5W
Using power: Max.10.5W
Working time: 3 minutes/time
Standby time: 45 days
Size: 15.5*6*5cm(Length*Width*Thickness)