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Hexapeptide Liquid® Six Peptides Lifting Firming Essence Serum

Argireline-8 Peptide 50% + Matrixyl 3000™ Peptide 20% + Hyaluronic Acid + C-Root

USD $85.00


Acetyl hexapeptide-8, otherwise known as Argireline by its brand name, is a peptide that has received a lot of traction recently thanks to its Botox-like skin-tightening effects.

Argireline is a non-toxic synthetic ingredient that can smoothen fine lines and wrinkles and contribute to youthful-looking facial skin. Although we cannot expect the same results as fillers or actual Botox injections, Argireline has surprisingly effective anti-aging properties.

The ability of Argireline to affect nerve-muscle communication can limit your facial muscle movement and decrease the expression of dynamic wrinkles. This Botox-like peptide has one of the most impressive wrinkle-filling and collagen-boosting abilities and can be used safely in many clean beauty routines.

Size: 200ml / 6.8fl.oz
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Items: 2 - 4 5%
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What is Hexapeptide Liquid® Six Peptides Essence Serum?

Hexapeptide Liquid® Six Peptides Face Firming and Lifting Essence Serum for moisturization and repair. Relaxes the muscles responsible for the formation of expression lines.

Argireline-8 Hexapeptide works through a unique mechanism that relaxes facial tension and reduces superficial facial lines and wrinkles.

Skincare Benefits of Argireline. There are many documented benefits of acetyl hexapeptide-8 in skincare, particularly for aging skin and skin with wrinkles and fine lines. Here are all of them:

  1. Limits muscle movement – Acetyl hexapeptide-8 is perhaps the single anti-aging ingredient that compares to Botox in regards to limiting facial muscle movement. However, as opposed to Botox, it doesn’t need to be injected, but it’s applied topically. That makes Argireline one of the best non-invasive cosmetics ingredients for anyone that needs an anti-wrinkle effect without going under the knife.
  2. Fades expression wrinkles – Due to Argireline’s ability to limit muscle movement, it can help you fade all the dynamic wrinkles around your mouth, forehead, and crow’s feet. So, if you suffer from wrinkles and fine lines, skincare products with acetyl hexapeptide-8 could be an excellent fit for your skin.
  3. Promotes collagen production – Acetyl hexapeptide-8 is a peptide that has the power to boost collagen production and improve its functionality. As a result, your skin becomes firm, plump, and youthful.
  4. Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle – All of the above benefits result in one overall effect – anti-wrinkle and anti-aging. Argireline is the latest trend that skincare enthusiasts call the “new Botox alternative” or “Botox in a bottle”. So, instead of subjecting yourself to invasive procedures, try acetyl hexapeptide-8 in your clean beauty skincare routine.
  5. Skin moisturizing effect – Lastly, the last research-backed benefit of Argireline or acetyl hexapeptide-8 is moisture retention. Deep skin hydration and moisturization are crucial for healthy and young-looking skin. For this purpose, the water-binding properties of acetyl hexapeptide-8 are perfect!

Matrixyl™ 3000 clinical study in which 2 panels of 23 volunteers aged 39 to 74 applied a cream containing 3% Matrixyl™3000 to one-half of their face for 56 days. Anti-wrinkling and lifting efficacy were assessed by profilometry and photography. Matrixyl 3000 displays major and significant improvements in elasticity and tone.


  • The surface occupied by deep wrinkles – 44.9
  • Main wrinkle density – 37.0
  • Central wrinkle average depth – 15.1
  • Main wrinkle average volume – 18.5
  • Roughness – 14.4
  • Complexity (Lifting effect) – 16.6
  • Elasticity Tone + 19.5% significant

Hyaluronic Acid is the natural gel between skin cells that serves as a water reservoir for the cells. As we age, the skin loses hyaluronic acid and the ability to hold sufficient water in this reservoir. Feeding new hyaluronic acid to the skin may help hydrate the skin’s intercellular reservoir, raising the skin’s moisture level and helping to smooth down age lines.

C-Root – SkinTight C-Root is composed of oligosaccharides (sugars) obtained from chicory root (Cichorium intybus). Shown to have an immediate and medium-term tightening effect on the skin thanks to the sequential release of the active ingredient. After regular application, the skin looks tight, firm, and without signs of fatigue. Restores the splendor of the skin. Enables smoother makeup application. Shown to increase collagen synthesis in in-vitro test systems.

Optiphen – Optiphen Plus is a top choice globally approved preservative system developed for personal care formulations where a formulator requires a paraben and formaldehyde-free preservative system.

Optiphen Plus preservative is an innovative preservative package made up of a blend of phenoxyethanol, sorbic acid, and an emollient base offering effective protection against bacteria, yeast, and mold growth with the added benefit of imparting emolliency with the caprylyl glycol. This combination makes Optiphen Plus a true multi-functional ingredient since the caprylyl glycol imparts good moisturizing and good after-feel to products like cosmetic and skin care formulations. Plus the caprylyl glycol provides some good viscosity modification in some formulations. This combination makes Optiphen and Optiphen Plus more than just a preservative.

The Hexapeptide Liquid® Six Peptides Essence Serum is highly concentrated and extremely potent. They contain around 10-15 times more active ingredients than the other professional average skin care creams and gels. Serums have the ability to reach the deep layers of the skin and deliver a high level of active ingredients which means they can help battle many common beauty complaints.

How to use Hexapeptide Liquid® Six Peptides Essence Serum

  • Apply after cleansing, apply the proper amount on the face massage until fully absorbed. Use on areas of concern mainly the forehead and eye area.
  • For max. results use both am and pm for 6-8 weeks.


Purified Water, hexapeptide, Matrixyl 3000, Hyaluronic Acid, C-Root, Optiphen


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