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Flixonase Innospray® Fluticasone Nasal Spray

Fluticasone Propionate 0.05%

(2 customer reviews)

USD $28.00

Flixonase Innospray® Nasal Spray is a medicine used to treat the symptoms of allergic rhinitis (sneezing, runny nose, and itchy or watery eyes) and nasal polyps. Flixonase Innospray® Nasal Spray may be used alone or with other medications.

Flixonase Innospray® Nasal Spray belongs to a class of drugs called Corticosteroids, Intranasal, Immunosuppressives, PHD. Fluticasone nasal spray is used to treat sneezing, itchy or runny nose, or other symptoms caused by hay fever. It is also used to treat nasal polyps in adults.

Flixonase Nasal Innospray is a CFC-free product that is manufactured using a corticosteroid Fluticasone Propionate. The chief usage of this product is to relieve respiratory symptoms such as sneezing, watery mucous, and inflammation of the sinuses.

Size: 12g (120 Metered Doses / Actuations)
Brand name: Flonase, Veramyst, Sensimist, Xhance
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Items: 2 - 4 5%
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What  is Flonase Generic (Flixonase Innospray® Nasal Spray)?

Flixonase Innospray® Nasal Spray is manufactured to relieve respiratory symptoms associated with rhinitis. The anti-inflammatory properties of corticosteroids are used in manufacturing the product. Allergic rhinitis is a common inflammatory condition where one in five people experience symptoms. The nasal lining gets inflamed due to exposure to specific allergens such as dust, pollens, molds, etc. Intranasal corticosteroids are the best effective medications to treat allergic rhinitis. The direct spraying of the corticosteroids to the nasal mucous lining may help in reducing mucous inflammation.

Corticosteroids such as Fluticasone Propionate can block specific chemical pathways that induce the inflammation of the nasal lining. The use of Fluticasone Propionate can alleviate the release of histamine and other chemical agents that come into action due to the allergic response.

Fluticasone Propionate is a product indicated to use only as an inhalation product. It comes as a spray bottle, and the required dose will be determined by the physician depending on your condition, age, and gender. Therefore this is a prescription-only medication, so this is not recommended to use as an over-the-counter medication.

There are instances where the Fluticasone Propionate may be allergic to the consumer. So it is essential to consider the allergy history before using the product.

How to use Flonase Generic (Flixonase Innospray® Nasal Spray)

Know the correct dose before instilling the drug into the nasal cavity. Sit or lie comfortably to spray the medicine. Now close one nostril and insert the opening of the spray bottle/ bring it close to the nostrils. Directly spray the medication into the nasal cavity and wait for a few seconds. Repeat until the required dose enters the nose and perform the same procedure to the otter nostril.

Side effects of Flonase Generic (Flixonase Innospray® Nasal Spray)

When using the Fluticasone Propionate Innospray for the first time, there may be a few difficulties experienced. But most of these effects go away with time. If the side effects continue to disturb your daily routine, meet a doctor for more advice: Bleeding through the nasal lining, Headache, Dryness in the throat, and Fungal infections of the mouth.


  • Check the allergy history before recommending the Fluticasone Propionate Innospray to anybody.
  • Fluticasone Propionate may interact with specific drug classes such as antifungals and antiretroviral drugs. So inform the physician if you consume any of the above medicines. Avoid taking any herbal medications or complementary medications while using Fluticasone Propionate.
  • Take precautions if you have measles or mumps.
  • There are no known interactions with alcohol, but try to avoid an excessive amount of alcohol while using the Flixonase Nasal Innospray.
  • Take safety precautions when you are pregnant. Therefore inform the physician if you get pregnant while using Flixonase Nasal Innospray. As pregnancy is a risk for all women, ensure your safety when you become pregnant women.
  • Flixonase Nasal Innospray is only recommended when the benefits exceed the risk factors during breastfeeding as there is no evidence to prove the excretion of Fluticasone Propionate to breast milk.
  • Corticosteroid usage never makes you feel sleepy, so there are no restrictions to driving a vehicle or working with machines.

2 reviews for Flixonase Innospray® Fluticasone Nasal Spray

  1. Scott Thompson

    Don’t recall how long I have been taking this but it’s been years. For the past two years I have jot had a sense of taste or smell, and it just occurred to me that it is probably by using this nasal spray for years without stopping it for a while.

  2. Josi.B

    The Best I tried FAST delivery and compatible prices.Will shop again

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