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Bimatoprost Applicator Brush

Tiny Fine Eyeliner for Eyelash Drops

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USD $4.00


Ultra Fine Eyeliner applicator brush for your Careprost, Lumigan, or Bimat Serums.

Perfectly suitable for Bimatoprost eyelash and eyebrow enhancers application procedures, super-fine tip never absorbs serums and not waste a lot of your eyelash growth solution.


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What is Bimatoprost Applicator Brush?

Ultra Fine Eyeliner applicator brush from OKDERMO by ARMY for your Careprost, Lumigan, or Bimat Serums. Perfectly suitable for bimatoprost eyelash/eyebrow enhancer application procedures, the super-fine tip never absorbs serums and does not waste a lot of your eyelash growth solution.

The ultra-fine brush has the perfect shape for a smooth and precise gentle application. You can use it with Careprost, Bimat, or Lumigan to complement the purpose of your eyelash growth serum. The ultra-fine head targets the corners and tricky areas of the upper eyelids and eyelashes. With the correct application of the serum, the active ingredients diffuse to the hidden hair follicles and boost the growth of longer eyelashes. The thin tip of the ultra-fine brush does not absorb serums and allows for controlled, precise amounts per application. Using the ultra-fine brush saves your serums from being misused in drips or being absorbed into the brush tip.

How to apply Careprost serum using the Ultrafine brush:

The correct application of eyelash growth serums will help you achieve better and faster results:

  • Clean your face before application: dirt, oil, and makeup all act as barriers against the absorption of active ingredients. Washing your face with a mild cleanse will provide a proper canvas that promotes solution penetration into the hair follicles.
  • Apply to the upper eyelashes: using the fine tip of the brush, draw a line on the upper eyelashes. Avoid the corners and eyelids to prevent irritation and redness. The serum will diffuse to the lower eyelid when you blink. Avoid applying directly to the lower eyelids because the product will get into your eyes.
  • Be cautious when taking care of your eyelashes: be gentle and soft when using products on your eyes, avoid excessive scrubbing when cleaning your makeup. The harsh manipulation of your eyelashes will cause them to fall off and hinder the results of your treatment.
  • Be consistent with your eyelash care routine: to reap all the benefits from the Careprost set, you need to apply the serum every day. Place the bottle in a handy spot such as on your bathroom shelves or your nightstand.