Elyn® Facial Hair Suppressant Cream

Eflornithine Hydrochloride 13.9%

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✓ Reduces the rate of hair growth in particular facial hair areas applied

✓ Tested dermatologically in women of multiple ethnicities, no more facial hairs!

For women with unwanted facial hair with Elyn®, your unwanted facial hair will be a lot easier to manage.

Elyn cream is very similar/identical to Eflora but with slightly different compositions. The cream is also designed to treat unwanted hair on and around the lips, chin, and other areas of your face.

It is particularly effective in conditions, such as hirsutism, which is an abnormal overproduction of androgens, or menopause that manifests itself as a natural consequence of aging.

It helps to slow down the rate of hair growth in unwanted areas, but this does not mean that it will put an end to hair growth altogether.

The cream is designed to reduce facial hair and improve the overall look and appearance of male-to-female transsexuals as well.

Brand name: Vaniqa
Size: 15g/0.53oz
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Elyn® Facial Hair Suppressant Cream Features

Hirsutism is frequent health and cosmetic concern for women. It generates psychological issues in women, particularly those of young age. Elyn facial hair suppressant cream acts on the hair follicles to slow the growth cycle. It helps women better manage facial hair removal.

Elyn facial cream helps women with hirsutism to manage unwanted facial hair growth. It significantly slows down the hair follicles cycle, reducing hair sprouting in the chin and lip areas. Hirsutism is a common issue in women with hormonal disturbances or aging women in menopause. Despite being a trivial health issue, women’s facial hair is a cosmetic concern that raises self-consciousness, guilt, and anxiety.

Most women are uncomfortable with facial hair, and they use many tools for its removal. Removing facial hair is an unpleasant process with many side effects and sometimes long-term complications. Plucking only works for minimum hair strands on the lips or chin. Shaving is not an advisable way to remove facial hair.

Dermatologists contraindicate shaving in the facial area because facial hair follicles and the underlying skin are sensitive to excessive friction. With routine facial hair shaving, the skin loses its smooth and soft texture resulting in prickle hair and rough skin.

Laser hair removal can only work for very light-colored skin. Olive skin or darker tones are at high risk of developing postinflammatory hyperpigmentation. In which the skin cells affected by the laser start producing more melanin than usual. Laser hair removal results in darker skin tone in areas where the lasers hit the skin (the chin and lips). The resultant appearance mimics hirsutism but without hair strands.

Elyn cream eflornithine 13.9 is one of the high-quality alternatives to Vaniqa and manufactured by Ajanta. It is a topical cream developed for facial hair inhibiting removal procedures and treatment of excess facial and body hair growth in a woman. Elyn cream does not remove the hair but rather slows its growth several times.

Elyn cream with 13.9 Eflornithine HCl 15g tube is a solution designed for the treatment of excessive hair growth conditions, facial hirsutism as well as in African trypanosomiasis or also known as sleeping sickness.  Elyn cream is a Vaniqa analog, one of the best quality topical alternative creams developed for facial hair inhibiting/removal procedures and treatment of excess facial and body hair growth in a woman. Elyn cream does not remove the hair but rather a several time slows its growth.  Elyn is not meant to be used alone but, rather, in conjunction with any hair removal technique already being used.

Certain proteins called polyamines are needed for this rapid cell growth and differentiation, and the production of these polyamines depends on the activity of an enzyme, ornithine decarboxylase (ODC). Eflornithine 13,9 blocks ODC and thereby slows the growth and differentiation of the cells within the hair follicles. The action of Elyn cream is identical to Vaniqa but much smoother and better than Revitol hair removal cream or Kalo hair growth inhibitor.

The main differences between Eflora and Elyn creams are the manufacturer and a slightly different composition.

Why is Elyn’s Eflornithine facial cream prescribed?

Elyn facial cream helps women with hirsutism better manage their facial hair growth. It acts on the hair follicles to impede hair growth. Hirsutism affects one in fourteen women in the USA. It is the growth of dark androgenic hair in male patterns on the skin, such as the chin, lips, inner thighs, abdomen, or thorax.

Women are born with all the hair follicles they will have in life. Androgenic stimulation does not induce hair follicles generation. It stimulates vellus hair transformation into terminal hair. Vellus hair is the thin, light-colored hair that covers the vast majority of the skin surface. In females, it is the predominant hair type, and it is invisible.

Under the effect of unopposed androgens, the vellus hair turns thick, dark, and coarse. This transformation in the hair follicle type is irreversible and permanent.

What Causes Hirsutism?

The underlying mechanism in hirsutism is unopposed testosterone stimulation of hair follicles. Relatively high amounts of androgens in women have many causes:

  • Polycystic ovarian syndrome: is the most common cause of hirsutism in young women of reproductive age. Hormonal issues cause women to experience infertility, hirsutism, and infrequent or prolonged periods. The treatment of polycystic ovarian syndrome is weight loss. But since hair follicles transformation is irreversible, weight loss or hormonal replacement therapy will not correct facial hair growth.
  • Genetic predisposition: body hair growth patterns naturally differ among women. Some women are born with hyperactive hair follicles with dark and thick body hair.
  • Menopause and aging: in menopause, the ovaries’ hormonal production ceases, leaving body cells without estrogen stimulation. Under the effect of unopposed androgens, women in menopause frequently notice white hair sprouting in the face area.

How long Elyn® Eflornithine 13.9 cream to use

  • Only apply it to the areas requiring treatment of unwanted facial hair;
  • You should apply it twice per day, at 8-hour intervals, or as directed by your dermatologist;
  • Elyn cream aka Vaniqa generic half to one hour, though the compounds sit on the skin for about 5 minutes. Visible effect sets within 1 month of use;
  • Avoid applying it for at least 5 minutes after plucking hair or shaving, and you should also avoid washing the area treated for at least 4 hours after applying it;
  • You should note that it may take at least 3 to 6 weeks for an improvement to be noticed;
  • Do not allow the cream to get into the eyes, anal, mouth, or vagina.

Elyn® Vaniqa generic features

  • Effective body/facial hair growth-inhibiting cream;
  • Quality Vaniqa generic with the same composition and effectiveness;
  • Elyn slows hair growth dramatically, even better than Vaniqa cream, compared to its competitors;
  • Permanent hair remover by slowing down its growth speed;
  • Reduces the rate of hair growth where applied as directed;
  • Tested in women of multiple ethnicities;
  • Does not permanently remove hair or “cure” unwanted facial hair but slowing its growth;

Side effects of Elyn® eflornithine cream

Some side effects which may be noticed by Elyn or vaniqa users who use any solution with eflornithine component include: stinging or burning affecting the skin irritation, skin redness, acne patches of skin that are swollen. If you notice any side effects when using Elyn consult with your dermatologist. Always strictly follow all the instructions provided to you by your dermatologist while using Elyn cream a high-quality vaniqa generic alternative. You can always order Elyn (Vaniqa backorder) in okdermo skincare.

An optimum cream amount can differ based on the user’s skin and condition. It is essential you always inform your dermatologist if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, as well as if you have any allergies, other illnesses, or ongoing health conditions, and if you are taking any medication, supplements, or herbal products.

Why should not use Elyn® cream?

You should not use Elyn if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the cream. The cream should not be used on children younger than 12 years old. No clinical studies have been performed in pregnant women. It is not known if Elyn is passed to infants through breast milk. Always talk to your doctor/dermatologist before using Elyn® / Depilus.

Where Eflornithine cream to buy

You can always purchase Eflornithine cream online over the counter via okdermo skincare store.


Anhydrous Eflornithine HCl 13.9

Methylparaben IP 0.18%

Propylparaben IP 0.02%

Why should not use Elyn cream

You should not use Elyn if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in the cream. The cream should not be used on children younger than 12 years old. No clinical studies have been performed in pregnant women. It is not known if Elyn is passed to infants through breast milk. Always talk to your doctor/dermatologist before using Elyn®.