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Dr. Reckeweg R30 Ointment

Rheumatism Universal Ointment

USD $37.51

Indications: An ointment for the rheumatism of muscles and joints, neuralgias, and sciatica. Degenerative processes of the intervertebral discs, osteoarthritis, amputation neuralgias. Paralysis due to stroke, facial paralysis, osteochondritis. Contusions, aching of muscles, sprains. Boils and carbuncles. Do not apply ointment to the face except in case of facial paralysis.

Size: 85g / 3oz
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Mode of action of main ingredients of Dr. Reckeweg R30 Ointment

Atropinum: Effective in all inflammations associated with hyperemia.

Calendula: Specifically effective in lacerated wounds and bruising.

Echinacea Angustifolia: Improvement of the tissue resistance.

Hamamelis: Venous hemorrhage. General pain and pain in the limb.

Millefolium: Hemorrhagic remedy.

Dosage of Dr. Reckeweg R30 Ointment

  • Topical application in the morning and evening is usually sufficient. In acute cases of pain and aching several applications may be necessary.
  • In cases of wounds and boils etc. only the tissue around the affected side should be covered with the ointment.


  • The following preparations should be taken internally in addition to the external application of Atomare-Beckeron R30.
  • In rheumatism of joints and muscles, osteoarthritis and osteochondritis: R11.
  • In sciatica: R71.
  • Neuralgia in the head and occipital regions: R16.
  • Rheumatism of shoulder and distal upper limbs: R46.
  • Backpain with females: R50.
  • Osteoarthritis: R73.


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