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Fine Micro Applicators

Disposable 1.5mm Tiny Brushes For Lash Drops Application

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USD $10.00


Ultra tiny rounded tips/brushes, simply transfer your product from bottle lid to a fine line across your lash line and brow, without absorbing or wasting your drops/serum. No more waste and maximum eyelash growth results. Add 100 pieces of Micro Applicators to your order for each day of your eyelash growth serum / drops to use.

The fine micro applicators allow for hygienic and controlled application of eye serum. The tiny rounded tip of the micro applicator reaches the small angles and corners between the eyelashes, allowing for the placement of precise amounts of serum into the skin.

The micro applicator transfer pinpoint volumes of serum in each application.  With such precision, you save your Careprost set from being wasted in drips and smudginess.

Size: 100 Applicators
Title Range Discount
Items: 2 - 4 5%
Items: 5 - 8 10%
Items: 9 + 15%



It is a unique jar with one hundred OKDERMO premium quality very small / super tiny tipped applicators (micro-tip size – 1.5mm) which are designed to maximize your eyelash growth serum. Such fine applicators should be used whenever you apply serum and utilized after each application of your favorite lash growth serums such as Careprost, Bimat, or Lumigan. We are strongly advising using fresh micro applicators each time you applying lash drops to keep your serum longer, eyes safer, application procedures cleaner to avoid infections and other undesired results.

The non-drip tip makes Micro Applicators ideal for use around the eye area. Disposable after use makes Micro Applicators easy to use and less costly than using other brushes that need sanitation cleaning. Applicator brushes are lint-free and have a non-drip fiber tip with non-absorbing fibers. Jar allows one brush to be dispensed at a time. These unique bendable micro bushes with precision tips enable you to have full control over the placement of eyelash growth serum drop with the quality of OKDERMO.

Microaplicator benefits

The Careprost serum contains potent eyelash growth molecules that optimally work when diffused in the eyelid’s skin. The correct application of Careprost serum prevents exposure of the eye tissues to unnecessary compounds that may cause inflammation and irritation.

The active molecule in the Careprost set is bimatoprost, which is originally a treatment for glaucoma. Bimatoprost lowers the pressure inside the eyeballs. Hence it is used as eye drops in glaucoma patients. Bimatoprost pulls double duty on the eyes. It enhances eyelash growth and color as well as lower eyeball pressure. If you are using bimatoprost for merely its eyelash enhancing function, then you don t want large amounts of the molecule to diffuse into the back of the eyes and cause a drop in the pressure of the eyeball. However, it is generally safe when small amounts of bimatoprost escape the eyelids. The fine micro applicators provide precise and controlled transfer of the serum into the eyelids.

Hygienic disposal

Repetitive use of the same eye brush can cause serious eye infections. As soon as an applicator touches the eyelashes or the skin, it is contaminated. Dead skin and hair cells make the perfect environment for bacterial growth and proliferation. The micro applicator’s one-time use and disposal quality prevent eyes contamination and infections.

The fine micro applicators are low-cost, hygienic, and efficient tools to boost your Careprost treatment results.