Fine Micro Applicators x100

Disposable 1.5mm Tiny Brushes For Lash Drops Application

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Ultra tiny rounded tips/brushes, simply transfer your product from bottle lid to a fine line across your lash line and brow, without absorbing or wasting your drops/serum.

No more waste and maximum eyelash growth results. Add 100 pieces of Micro Applicators to your order for each day of your eyelash growth serum / drops use.

Items:3 - 5 5%
Items:6 - 9 10%
Items:10 + 15%



It is a unique jar with one hundred OKDERMO premium quality very small / super tiny tipped applicators (micro-tip size – 1.5mm) which designed to maximize your eyelash growth serum. Such fine applicators should be used whenever you apply serum and utilized after each application of your favorite lash growth serums such as Careprost, Bimat, or Lumigan. We are strongly advising to use fresh micro applicators each time you applying lash drops to keep your serum longer, eyes safer, application procedures cleaner to avoid infections and other undesired results.

The non-drip tip makes Micro Applicators ideal for use around the eye area. Disposable after use makes Micro Applicators easy to use and less costly than using other brushes that need sanitation cleaning. Applicator brushes are lint-free and have a non-drip fiber tip with non-absorbing fibers. Jar allows one brush to be dispensed at a time. This unique bendable micro bushes with precision tips that enable you to have full control over the placement of eyelash growth serum drop with the quality of OKDERMO.



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