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Clinsodent® Denture Cleanser Powder

Potassium Persulphate + Sodium Perborate

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USD $12.10

Clinsodent® Denture Cleanser Powder contains mainly Potassium persulphate, Sodium perborate, and other additives. It is used for professional cleaning dentures.

The active oxygen process cleans the denture effectively. Stop yellowing and keep dentures dazzling white. Safe for all kinds of removable and partial dentures.

Size: 60g / 2.1oz
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Main components of  Clinsodent® Denture Cleanser Powder?

The Peroxygen Compounds: The peroxygen compounds like potassium persulfate, sodium perborate monohydrate, and sodium carbonate peroxyhydrate are those which yield active oxygen on admixture with water.

Alkalinity Imparter: Particularly suitable materials to provide the alkalinity of the composition are trisodium phosphate (a compound which in dilute aqueous solution, e.g. at 0.1-1% concentration, has a pH of 11.5-11.9) or sodium carbonate (whose dilute aqueous solutions have a pH which is generally above 11)

Sequestering Agents: Sequestering agents are added to maintain clarity and to promote calculus removal. Preferred sequestering agents include ethylene diamine tetraacetic acid (“EDTA”). The EDTA may be present in amounts of above 1% to 25% by weight of the composition, preferably about 17% to about 23% by weight of the composition, and most preferably about 19% to 21% by weight of the composition. EDTA also plays a role as an anti-bacterial component.

Surfactant: The Clinsodent powder also contains an anionic surfactant, having a long hydrophobic alkyl chain (e.g. of about 8-20 carbon atoms) attached to a hydrophilic ionic portion such as sulfate or sultanate radical (e.g., sodium laurel sulcate) in an amount sufficient to promote foaming.

Dilute Acid: Dilute acids like Sulphamic acids are used for much better cleansing action.

Plaque Remover: Tetra Potassium Pyro Phosphate plays a key role in the removal of plaque.

Enzymatic Action: Clinosdent contains Everlase as a proteolytic enzyme. The enzyme functions through the digestion of the human mucoprotein component of deposits.

How to use Clinsodent® Denture Cleanser Powder

Take a teaspoonful of Clinsodent® in a suitable container, filled with water, leave the denture overnight. Rinse and brush the denture with sufficient water before use.


Active ingredients:
Potassium persulphate, Sodium perborate

Inactive ingredients:
Sodium carbonate, Sodium sulfate, Trisodium phosphate, Sulphamic acid, Tetra Potassium Pyro Phosphate, EDTA, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Peppermint powder, etc.