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Celosome Soft® Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Dermal Filler with Lidocaine

Pure Hyaluronic Acid 24mg/ml + Lidocaine 0.3%

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USD $58.00


The aesthetic effect lasts from 6 to 9 months. Ideal for all mild facial wrinkles.

Scope of Celosome Soft:

  • Forehead “worry” and glabellar “frown” lines
  • Perioral wrinkles (marionette lines, smoker’s lines, mouth frown)
  • Periorbital wrinkles (crow’s feet, fine under-eye lines)
  • Nasolabial fold
  • Chin crease
  • Lip contouring and augmentation
Size: 1 Syringe (1.1ml / 0.04fl.oz)
Brand name: Restylane Lyft, Perlane-L, Juvederm
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Items: 2 - 4 5%
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Items: 9 + 15%


What is Celosome Soft® Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Dermal Filler with Lidocaine?

Celosome Soft® Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Dermal Filler with Lidocaine is a product line containing hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin developed specifically for customer satisfaction.

  • 8-phase ultra-functional technology
  • Multi-way membrane for complete removal of BDDE, metal ions, and foreign substances
  • De-ionized facilities and ultra-pure water system to minimize impurities and endotoxins
  • HENM cross-linking technology for longer duration and optimized viscoelasticity Celosome series provide
  • Minimized swelling and allergic reactions in the skin after treatment
  • Immediate, stable, and visible result
  • Natural volumizing effect for a long time
  • Perfect customers satisfaction and safety

Celosome Soft® Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Dermal Filler with Lidocaine is designed to quickly restore elasticity and youthfulness of the skin due to the unique 8-phase technology and stabilized high-concentration hyaluronic acid. Exosomes derived from stem cells are responsible for communication between cells and are involved in the secretion of proteins, but most importantly, they increase the volume of subcutaneous fat in the facial area.

The use of fillers from this series gives visible results after the first procedure. The action is aimed at eliminating the first signs of aging and fundamental rejuvenation of the skin

At the same time, it is possible to choose a suitable drug for varying degrees of severity: both shallow and obvious wrinkles and creases.

Compared to other products, Celosome Soft® Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Dermal Filler with Lidocaine has the following advantages:

  • The highest percentage of hyaluronic acid
  • Minimized risk of puffiness and allergies
  • Create the effect of natural volume
  • The shape of the gel remains unchanged after the injection
  • Excretion occurs by biodegradation
  • The osmotic pressure of the gel is as close as possible to normal for the body
  • High stability of hyaluronic acid molecules
  • Exosomes stimulate the regeneration of fat cells

Benefits of Celosome Soft® Sodium Hyaluronate Gel Dermal Filler with Lidocaine

Celosome presents a series of stabilized hyaluronic acid- (HA)-based fillers. Celosome fillers have outstanding viscosity and elasticity, which ensure uniform distribution of the gel during the injection thus making the procedure easier and smoother and minimizing the risk of post-procedure swelling and bruises. High purity of the product is achieved due to the special technologies of 8-phase purification and deionization, which minimize the content of residual BDDE, heavy metals, and endotoxin in the final product.

Strengths of Celosome:

  • Immediate visible results
  • High-purity product
  • HENM cross-linking technology provides optimized viscoelasticity properties
  • Smooth and constant injection ensures uniform gel distribution and also minimizes painful sensations and the risk of bruises
  • The series contains 5 products varying in the viscoelasticity properties of the HA gel depending on the scope of use
  • Celosome Soft is used for the filling of fine facial wrinkles and mild lip augmentation. The filler is injected into the superficial dermis