Calamine 15% Lotion Calak® 100ml

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Calak Lotion contains Calamine along with Zinc Oxide. Calak-A lotion contains calamine along with Aloe vera gel. Calak A Lotion is a skin moisturizing lotion which keeps skin smooth and hydrated. It also treats mild acne, itching and gives skin a natural glow.

Together, these ingredients in the Calak lotion provide relief from itchiness, dryness, and other discomforts of the skin. They also protect the skin from moisture loss and impurities in the atmosphere.

Apply the Calak calamine lotion to find enduring relief from skin irritation, scratches, sunburn, minor burns, insect bites and pruritus. People with all types of skin and those with eczema can use the lotion.

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Calak ® Calamine 15% Lotion for external use is an FDA approved product with no side effects. Calak Calamine Lotion is very soft, well tolerated, gentle antiseptic with a cooling effect, which has antipruritic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory soothing, regenerating, a drying and disinfecting actions.

Calak Calamine Lotion reduces rashes and soothes irritation, redness, edema, burning and tingling of the skin. Lotion maximum alleviates the symptoms of chicken pox – it prevents the development of pathological processes and creates a safe protective barrier against external and internal irritants actions.

Calak Calamine lotion is one of the staples of childhood and summer. It soothes skin and calms the itch from poison oak and poison ivy and insect bites. The lotion’s primary ingredients are zinc oxide and iron oxide. Adverse reactions to calamine lotion are rare, but mild to severe side effects can occur.

Key Benfits of Calak-A Lotion

  • Calamine is an anti-itch medicine that works by causing a cooling sensation as it evaporates on your skin
  • Aloe Vera extract is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, pain inhibitor astringent, it has scar reducing property and it stimulates cell growth
  • It also has anti-aging properties


  • Sunburn;
  • Insect bites;
  • Varicella;
  • Dermatitis;
  • Psoriasis, eczema;
  • Herpetic eruptions;
  • Shingles;
  • Oily, acne prone & problem skin;
  • Rash, and urticaria.


  • Strongly shake the bottle before use;
  • Apply lotion to a cotton pad and apply to the rash or skin lesions and wait until it dryes completely;
  • Can be applied several times a day as needed;
  • Avoid eyes contact, nose, mouth. In case of contact rinse thoroughly with warm water;

Additional information


Calak Lotion [Calamine 15% + Zinc oxide 5% + Bentonite 3%], Calak-A lotion [Calamine 8% + Aloe Vera 10%]


Calak Lotion

Calamine IP – 15.0 % w/v;

Zinc oxide IP – 5.0 % w/v;

Bentonite IP – 3.0 % w/v;

Sodium citrate IP – 0.5 % w/v;

Glycerol IP – 5.0 % v/v;

Purified water IP to make – 100.0 % v/v;

Perfume – q.s.

Calak-A Lotion

Calamine 8% w/w

Aloe Vera 10% w/w

Light Liquid Paraffin IP 10% w/w

Lotion base q.s.

2 reviews for Calamine 15% Lotion Calak® 100ml

  1. Nicole

    Its hard to find calamine nowadays, i’m using it all my life for sunburns, it is very effective, good product, can definitely recommend it to everyone. It is also helpful as an antiseptic for any insect bites ,stings and rashes, other skin conditions, anti-alergenic at all. Thanks for support okdermo, all the best!

  2. J.K.

    Very happy with the service. Product is what was described, really good lotion!

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