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Budenase AQ® Budesonide Nasal Spray

Budesonide 100mcg

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USD $19.00


Budenase AQ® Nasal Spray Budesonide 100mcg is a steroid. It gets absorbed into the cells of the inner surface of the nose and works by blocking the production of certain chemical messengers that cause inflammation (swelling) and allergies. This relieves blocked or runny nose, sneezing, and sinus discomfort.

Budesonide nasal (nose) spray is used to treat cold-like symptoms caused by allergic rhinitis. This is an inflammation of the inside of your nose that can be brought on by hay fever. It is also used to reduce swelling and shrink nasal polyps.

Budesonide is a type of medicine called a steroid (or corticosteroid). Corticosteroids are a copy of a substance your body makes naturally. They are not the same as anabolic steroids.

Size: 7.5ml
Brand name: Rhinocort Aqua, Benocort
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What is Budesonide 100mcg Nasal Spray?

Budenase AQ® Nasal Spray is a steroid. It relieves the symptoms of allergic rhinitis such as runny nose, sneezing, and sinus discomfort. It works by blocking the production of certain chemical messengers that cause swelling and allergies, thus relieving the discomfort and irritation in your nose.

You should always use Budenase AQ® Nasal Spray as advised by your doctor but to get the full benefit you should take it regularly. It may take a few days for the spray to take full effect. If you do not see an improvement in your symptoms after a week you should talk to your doctor.

The most common side effects of Budenase AQ® Nasal Spray include nasal irritation, nosebleeds, and throat irritation. Talk to your doctor if you are worried about side effects or they do not go away. Using corticosteroids like may Budenase AQ® Nasal Spray makes you more susceptible to viral infections, so you should stay away from people who have these infections. In general, try to avoid situations that make your symptoms worse (things like pollen and dust mites) and it is best not to smoke.

Before starting to use Budenase AQ® Nasal Spray you should let your doctor know if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, discuss the risks and benefits with your healthcare team. You need to use budesonide nasal spray regularly for it to work. It works by reducing swelling and irritation in your nose. The most common side effects are sneezing, nosebleeds, and a dry or sore nose. Do not give this nasal spray to children under the age of 6 years (unless their doctor has prescribed it). If you’re pregnant, speak to your doctor or a pharmacist before buying budesonide nasal spray at a pharmacy or supermarket.

Budesonide 100mcg Nasal Spray In Sneezing and runny nose due to allergies

Budenase AQ® Nasal Spray, when sprayed into your nose, will reduce swelling and irritation and relieve symptoms such as blocked or stuffy nose, sneezing, and itchy or watery eyes. It is less likely than some other medicines to cause high blood pressure or changes in your sodium or potassium levels. This medicine works in your nose to block the effects of substances like pollen, dust mites and mold that can trigger allergic reactions. This will make it easier for you to go about your daily activities without worrying so much about getting an allergic reaction. It may not work straight away, so use it regularly as prescribed to get the most benefit. If you see no improvement after a week, talk to your doctor.