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Betnovate® Betamethasone Cream

Betamethasone Valerate 0.1%

(6 customer reviews)

USD $18.00

Betnovate Betamethasone Valerate 0.1% cream is used to treat a variety of inflammatory, eczematous, dermatologic, allergic or itchy skin disorders.

Betamethasone Valerate 0.1% cream prescribed when milder solutions haven’t been effective for inflammatory skin conditions such as severe eczema, psoriasis, and dermatitis, etc.

Size: 20g / 0.7oz
Brand name: Diprolene, Sernivo
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Items: 2 - 4 5%
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What is 0.1%  Betamethasone Cream

Betamethasone cream Betnovate is manufactured by reputable GSK GlaxoSmithKline, is classed as a potent topical anti-inflammatory solution. Topical Betnovate cream is used in addition to medicated emollient solutions for treating inflammatory skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. Betnovate cream is used when patches of eczema or dermatitis flare up. Betamethasone Valerate 0.1% relieves the symptoms of a flare-up by reducing inflammation, itching, and redness. It is not a cure for the condition, but it will help to relieve the symptoms. Short courses of betamethasone may also be prescribed for the treatment of psoriasis for small areas such as the scalp, soles of the feet, or palms of the hands. Betamethasone cream is effective in the following conditions:

  • Eczema and psoriasis of various types;
  • Skin inflammation due to allergic contact dermatitis or irritant contact dermatitis;
  • Inflammatory skin condition with greasy, red and scaly areas – seborrheic dermatitis;
  • Thickened skin rash caused by excessive scratching to relieve itching (neurodermatitis, eg lichen simplex);
  • An eruption of hard nodules in the skin accompanied by intense itching (prurigo nodularis);
  • Skin disorder causing a flat, itchy, violet rash, usually on the wrists, shins, lower back and genitals (lichen planus);
  • Inflammatory skin disease is known as discoid lupus erythematosus (DLE);
  • Intense and widespread reddening of the skin (generalized erythroderma);
  • Reactions to insect bites and stings.

How Betamethasone Valerate cream works

Betnovate cream contains the active ingredient betamethasone valerate o.1% – a potent corticosteroid, which is a type of component created to reducing skin inflammation. Skin inflammation may occur as a result of an allergic reaction, or irritation of the skin. It is caused by the immune system releasing substances that make blood vessels in the skin widen. This makes the irritated area become red, swollen, itchy and painful, as is seen in dermatitis or eczema.

When Betnovate Betamethasone Valerate 0.1% cream is applied to the skin it acts inside cells to decrease the release of these inflammatory substances – this reduces swelling, redness and itching. The cream is prescribed to treat various inflammatory skin disorders that have not responded to milder corticosteroids. Betnovate Betamethasone Valerate 0.1% cream is suitable for moist, weeping areas of skin,  dry, scaly areas of skin, hairy areas, or when a minimal application to a large area of skin is needed.

Common side effects of Betamethasone Valerate cream

Patients who take Betnovate cream may suffer from such side effects: skin thinning, contact dermatitis. Consult your dermatologist first prior to buying any topical cream.

Where to buy betamethasone valerate cream safely

You can order/buy Betnovate betamethasone valerate cream/topical ointment in okdermo skin care store.


Betamethasone Valerate IP equivalent to Betamethasone 0.10%

Chlorocresol IP 0.1% (as preservative) in a non-greaasy base


6 reviews for Betnovate® Betamethasone Cream

  1. Friedegunde

    I suffer from a painful, red rash on my upper chest. I used to use sulfacetamide that worked well but my insurance company removed it from their coverage and the price went up from a few $ to more than $300 for a small bottle. Accordingly, I switched to betamethasone and it works just as well. So does an elemental sulfur-containing cream, but it was too effective and resulted in mild chemical burns. Okdermo is an awesome resource! The only minus is the delivery, even with the fastest available shipping method I’ve got my parcel in 1.5 weeks in the UK -quite long

  2. Ann-Katrin from Egypt

    Works brilliantly for rashes and also mozzie bite

  3. Marian and Kedo

    Works amazing!! Hive and rash covered my full body and this seems to be the only topical that reduced the itch and my hive and rash were gone in 9days.

  4. Brent

    I had some real rash and redness from scratching too much. My doctor prescribed this cream for me and within a week my skin condition improved and I stopped scratching myself. I still have some skin discoloration but it is improving. Good cream for sure.

  5. Nick Petel

    I have had odd eczema on-and-off for about 3 years. I tried 7 different creams before finally visiting my GP. He wasn’t sure if my condition even was a classic case of eczema, as it was not like the majority of other patients’ he had seen: mine was itchy every night, red, dry and flaky, and in distinct circle shapes on the back of my left hand. Sometimes, it bled.

    Scabies cream did not work for me, so I was prescribed Diprosone (an expensive brand) – I bought Betnovate via okdermo. My extremely uncomfortable “eczema” had disappeared after about a week of applying a thin layer of the cream, twice daily. It has left slightly pale patches on my hand where the condition used to be, but my skin is back to normal and there are no more irritating symptoms (like itching), ever. I would highly recommend this cream for anyone with a similar condition!

  6. Mitch S.A.

    Wow, This Betnovate cream actually worked wonders, I had a very serious skin infection as well as eczema, and within a week of using twice daily after baths, it completely relieved the symptoms, and blisters started to scab and heal! I still have had to use Betaderm on and off for the last few months, but in much more moderate amounts, but after having used numerous other creams, this is the only one that worked!

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