Hexilak® Scar Treatment Gel 20g/0.7oz

Allium Cepa Extract + Heparin Sodium + Allantoin

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✓ Anti-bacterial properties promote regeneration of tissues

✓ Anti-inflammatory properties guard against skin irritation

✓ Forms an elastic surface over the scars as part of the healing

Hexilak Gel for management of scars resulting from surgery, burns, acne, stretch marks, and breast amputations.

Hexilak gel is an alternative to Mederma is a topical gel formulated to benefit anyone with new scars or existing scars.

Hexilak is a greaseless, pleasant-smelling topical gel that not only helps scars appear softer and smoother but also offers convenience, ease of use and affordability.

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What is Hexilak Scar Gel

Hexilak gel is manufactured by reputable international company Menarini. Hexilak is a scar removal gel which contains 3 main highly-effective active ingredients: Allium Cepa Extract + Heparin Sodium + Allantoin. Topical applications of a gel containing allium cepa, pentaglycan, heparin and allantoin twice a day for 24 weeks is useful in reducing neoangiogenesis in hypertrophic scars and keloids, resulting in clinical improvement of skin lesions. Hexilak should not be used by patients with hypersensitivity to alky-4-hydroxybenzoate (parabens). Do not use on open wounds, unhealed or mucous membrane.

  • Allium Cepa Extract – researchers think allantoin’s main role is to increase the penetration of Allium cepa, aka onion. While not listed as an active ingredient, onion is a longtime additive of choice for scar treatments. You recognize onion by its smelly sulfur-containing molecules, but it’s the flavonoids quercetin and kaempferol that might improve your scar—possibly by regulating fibroblasts, the cells that help build scaffolding for new tissue. Onion extract improved hypertrophic and keloids scars via multiple mechanisms. However, it was statistically ineffective in improving scar height and itching. For this reason, onion extract therapy should be used in combination with an occlusive silicone dressing to achieve a satisfying decrease in scar height.
  • Heparin Sodium – heparin is an anti-coagulant which prevents clotting of blood, thereby allowing normal blood flow. It not only prevents the formation of harmful blood clots in the legs, lungs, and heart but also stops them from growing bigger.
  • Allantoin – the headliner in this gel, which claims to “reduce the appearance” of scars, is allantoin, a nitrogen-rich waste molecule excreted in mammalian urine. It softens keratin, the fibrous protein that makes your birthday suit tough and waterproof. That smooths the skin and encourages dead skin cells to slough off.

OTC Treatments for Skin Scars

Everyone has experienced a burn, cut, or surgery that has left a scar. When the scar is located in an inconspicuous place, it is not so bad. When an existing scar or a new injury occurs in a noticeable place, however, patients will appreciate knowing that there are OTC products that can reduce the scar.

The Scarring Process

Scarring is part of the skin’s natural healing process and occurs in 3 steps: inflammation, tissue formation, and remodeling. Fibroblasts proliferate in the wound and produce a tough, fibrous protein called collagen. Collagen fills and closes the wound in a disorganized manner, resulting in a scar.

Keloid scars occur when the body “overheals” the injury. Contracture scars occur when the skin tightens, often in response to a burn. Hypertrophic scars are red and raised, much like keloid scars, but they do not extend beyond the injury site. Acne scars may appear as deep pits or red spots. Treatment methods for scars include dermabrasion, laser surgery, steroid injections, prescription medications, and OTC creams, ointments, and gels.

OTC Treatment Options

Aloe vera gel is used topically to promote wound and burn to heal and to reduce pain and inflammation. It contains carboxypeptidases and salicylate, which inhibit bradykinin, a substance that causes pain. Another ingredient is C-glucosyl chromone, a topical anti-inflammatory agent. Additionally, inhibits thromboxane synthesis and may even have antibacterial and/or antifungal properties (Table).

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) are natural fruit acids, including lactic acid, glycolic acid, and citric acid. AHAs are used topically to exfoliate, to treat stretch marks and acne scars, and to moisturize the skin. Adverse reactions may include stinging, irritation, burning, redness, swelling, and sloughing of the skin. Patients with sensitive skin should exercise caution when using AHA products due to the increased risk of adverse reactions. Sunscreen should be used regularly with AHA products because they cause increased sun sensitivity.

Furfuryladenine is a plant-derived growth hormone used topically to treat wrinkles, brown spots, blotchiness, and roughness and to increase the skin’s moisture. It may be less irritating than AHA products and does not appear to increase photosensitivity.

Allium cepa, or onion extract, inhibits fibroblasts and has other anti-inflammatory properties. The proprietary version of onion extract is Mederma and Hexilak.

Silicone gel or sheets are used to minimize the appearance of scars. They appear to work by hydrating the wound, resulting in the production of fewer fibroblasts. With fewer fibroblasts, there is less collagen, and the scar is flatter and lighter in color.

Vitamin E is the major lipid-soluble antioxidant in the skin. Antioxidants scavenge free radicals and prevent their formation. Vitamin E also may stabilize lysosomal membranes. Although vitamin E therapy is popular, topical use does pose a risk of contact dermatitis. To date, studies have not proven its efficacy in the treatment of scars.

How to use Hexilak Gel

  • Apply 3-4 times a day directly onto the affected part of the skin
  • Rub for a minute for absorption



The Menarini Group is an Italian pharmaceutical company. Its headquarters is in Florence and has three divisions: Menarini Ricerche, Menarini Biotech and Menarini Diagnostics. It is committed to the search for pharmacological solutions for such therapeutic areas as cardiovascular diseases, oncology, pain/inflammation, asthma, and anti-infectives. Menarini's research activities are carried out through Menarini Ricerche, which deals with all R&D activities, from the creation of new projects up to the drug registration. Its Menarini Biotech follows the creation of a biotechnological drug from the very early stages of research, through to the pilot scale and up to industrial production. The Group's Menarini Diagnostics division is a health care company with a worldwide network of affiliates partners and distributors focused on diabetes, hematology, clinical chemistry, urinalysis, and immunology. In 2011, the company had 13,081 employees worldwide. Menarini India is the Indian affiliate of the Menarini Group, which is a leading biopharmaceutical company, focused on delivering differentiated ethical and consumer healthcare brands across the world. A. Menarini India operates across the entire commercial value chain, from regulatory approval and product launch to lifecycle management and offers an unparalleled customer experience to all stakeholders including partners wanting to tap into the India growth story. Through our team of over 1,200 passionate sales, marketing and support professionals, Menarini India manages a diverse portfolio of proprietary healthcare brands as well as licensed brands from global biotech and multinational companies. Leveraging the strengths of its infrastructure, Menarini India is able to tap onto extensive global resources and its' own unique local customer insights to deliver innovative brands from R&D, through to manufacturing, regulatory approvals, and commercialization. Menarini India operates in one of the fastest growing healthcare markets worldwide, increasing at an annual compounded growth rate of 15%, more than double the global growth rate for the sector. With India being among the top growth contributors globally, Menarini India is establishing itself as a leader in this rapidly expanding market through targeted investments. With over 3,300 professionals in 13 major markets, Menarini Asia-Pacific operates across the entire commercial value chain, from regulatory approval and product launch to lifecycle management and offers an unparalleled customer experience to partners wanting to tap into the Asia-Pacific growth story. To be the leading provider of important healthcare brands that improve the lives of people in the Asia-Pacific region. Menarini India continues to build its reputation as a fully integrated biopharmaceutical company based on the illustrious history and success of the Menarini Group. It operates one of the most effective and experienced professional sales and marketing organizations in the region, while practicing transparency and excellent corporate governance. Our people are our greatest assets. To encourage their best efforts, we treat each of our employees with fairness and respect, providing them with the support needed to achieve their professional goals. We believe the following four key values will be the source of our success:
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Allium Cepa Extract 0.1g

Heparin Sodium IP 50 IU

Allantoin 0.01g

Gel base q.s.


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