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Let's Talk About Chemical Peels

Let’s Talk About Chemical Peels

Today our topic is Chemical Peels.

Very often I have chats with my customers, clients, patients and friends about their dull skin. They are saying that wrinkles and fine lines getting deeper and dark spots getting even darker after the sunbathing over the time. But not be afraid of it! It is just a question of right skincare and I’m going to tell you more about it. First of all, let’s find out why you are all get into the experience with wrinkles, pigments and deficiency of glowing youthful skin.

Imagine the following:

Our skin consists of several miscellaneous layers. The whole lifecycle of skin cell consists of many phases. First is generating a new cell of skin at the first, the most bottom layer, and at the beginning of its life, it looks great: proper round form. After cell starts to move towards the skin surface it becomes flatter and by the time it is on its point on the surface the skin cell more looks like an oatmeal flake. In this round process, the oldest cell should easily exfoliate in the natural way to let new good-shaped cell appear at the first layer of our skin.

So this whole process is called cellular turnover.

For teens, this process took approximately 27 days, but when we get older it starts to draw out and may take about 60 days.

Let’s find out what does it mean to us.

The process of generating new cells halts and it leads to peeling up of “oatmeal flakes” on our skin surface. So how do you think what will be after such an accumulation of old cells?

If it will be just one “oatmeal flake” on the top of your skin it would not be visible at all. But when they accumulate one on one and not exfoliate in the right way, we begin to notice them as the dark spots.

The same situation will be with wrinkles: if it does not have many layers of old skin cells it doesn’t look so perceptible.

And it is the consequences of slowing down cellular’s turnover. But it is all fixable ones, so let me tell you how we are going to deal with it :

Your routine exfoliating procedures and everyday cleansing may be helpful partly, but they do not help to speed up the lifecycle of skin cells. To restart this process completely we will use something another.

And here is it, our truly helpful solution – Chemical Peel!

The main sense of chemical peeling is to force exfoliation of old cells to let new ones appear faster. It is possible with help of restrained damaging of skin with the help of different acids. Result and laying-up time (when your skin may be a little red or very sensitive) absolutely depend on the sequences of different acids. In some combinations, laying-up time may not appear at all. But we are going to stop on light to medium peeling process intensities.

And let’s not forget about necessary consultation with a dermatologist about what type of skin do you have. If you spot this in the right way then it will be a base for choosing the type of chemical peeling for you.

After the definition of the skin type, we can start! Firstly we have to clean skin from makeup or skin oil, and only after this, we can start to apply acid peeling. At the beginning it may feel a little bit uncomfortable: you can feel scorching or even burning. But it is absolutely normal and there’s nothing to be afraid of. Usually, it lasts not more than a few minutes.

Straight away after the applying, our friend’s acids start to work: they get inside the surface of your skin and launch the “healing” process. The upper skin cell sends a signal to his sister deep inside our skin with the begging of help and produces new ones! At the same time, the substance that holds the old cells removes with help of acids.

During the next 24-48 hours, you may feel the tightness of your skin and even a little eruption. But in case you use light peeling you will notice only sweet brightening effect.

Generally, the exfoliation process starts from the mouth zone and after begins to spread widely. This peeling effect can last for 3-8 days depending on the combination of acids. Peelings reduce your wrinkles, dark spots, freckles, make your skin looks sleeker and shining.

Acid exfoliators are my best friends in skin care! I’m sure they will also help you. Choose right one exactly for your type of skin and start from small dosage. I’m confident that you will absolutely satisfy, just like me 🙂

So now let’s find out some more about types of natural acid exfoliators. Since ancient times people were looking for methods to save their young prettiness. In medieval period they start to use overdue wine and as a peeling.

We will stop on modern, nowadays acids. Generally, we use Beta-Hydroxyl Acids (BHA) (better beats acne and related to this problems) and Alpha-Hydroxyl Acids (AHA) (water instant ones).

I will tell you about the best acids on the market.

AHA one is Lactic Acid. After clinical test scientists confirmed that Lactic Acid helps to keep skin sleek and moisturized. Also, it helps to get rid of wrinkles, rosacea and freckles, acceptable for dark.

Post by:

Dermatologist Marcela J






Marcella Jiovanni

Skin Care Professional

“Marcella Jiovanni actively promotes the importance of maintaining healthy skin, she envisions the future of dermatology as moving away from pure medical, pharmacological dermatology and flowing more toward a holistic approach to wellness and skincare.”