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Kojic Acid Cream for Skin Lightening

Kojic acid comes as a boon for people who are battling dull skin and dark spots for long. It is a miracle ingredient present in a number of potent skin lightening serums and creams, and here you will know why. Read on to find out what it is, how to use it, how it works, and other details.

What Kojic Acid is?

Literally, Kojic acid is derived from a Japanese term ‘Koji’, which means ‘steamed rice’. Widely used in a range of skin care and cosmetic products, it is a chemical that is created while brewing fermented rice, from mushrooms, and from other fungi types. First discovered in 1907, it has the ability to penetrate into the skin layers and halt the production of melanin. It is often used as an effective spot-fading treatment, as a result of which you end up having a clear, lighter and brighter skin.

How Kojic Acid Works?

Kojic acid is the main ingredient in some professional potent skin brightening gels, serums, and creams, you may check the OKDERMO Dermatologic Skin Store list of such products below:

Kojic Acid has even been approved by SCCP (the Scientific Committees on Consumer Products) for use in skincare products. The product works by inhibiting the production of melanin in your skin, which is a pigment responsible for giving color to your hair, eyes, and skin. Excess production of this pigment gives you an uneven skin tone and dark spots. Since an amino acid known as tyrosine is responsible for producing melanin in your body, kojic acid works by inhibiting the functioning of this amino acid, thereby inhibiting the production of melanin.

How to Use Kojic Acid?

In OKDERMO Store you may find many soaps, creams, serums, lotions, and cleansers containing Kojic acid in different concentrations. You have to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully while using it. While you must wash off the cleansers and soaps immediately after applying, you may leave the lotion, cream or serum overnight. This will allow better absorption of the product into your skin and deliver the desired results.

Things to Consider While Using a Kojic Acid Cream

  • Kojic acid is extremely helpful for treating skin spots, scars, dark patches, and hyperpigmentation. If you are suffering from any allergies or any other skin condition must avoid using kojic acid ingredient
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions while using a kojic acid cream. If you are using a prescription product, always ask for usage instructions from your dermatologist
  • If you see any changes or rash in your skin after using a kojic acid cream, stop using the cream at once and get in touch with a dermatologist immediately
  • Never apply kojic acid cream on broken, cut or inflamed skin

Use kojic acid on your skin in prescribed limits only, as over-use can make your skin more sensitive to sun damage, and sometimes also cause contact dermatitis. Applying big amounts at once will not deliver results any faster. However, the results may vary from one person to the other, depending on the severity of the skin condition and skin type. Due to its related side effects, kojic acid is often used for a brief period only until the condition gets healed.