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Ketoconazole 2% for Dandruff and Hair Loss

Ketoconazole 2% for Dandruff & Hair Loss

Hair loss is the most common problem faced by the people nowadays. It is ordinary to lose a few strands of hair daily, but a larger number – is a problem already. Main causes for intensive hair fall is dandruff, unhealthy lifestyle, scalp infection, hormonal changes, pollution, dust, and improper and irregular hair care. Hair falling during fungal infections going in a way that patches are formed on the scalp, hair may also become so thin that the scalp will be exposed. Genetic is also play its role – if the father suffering from baldness, the son also usually inherits this condition.

Most of the hair problems can be greatly reduced or treated completely by following a healthy lifestyle regime and treating your hair with medical hair care products that simply suit your hair. First of all, try to use organic & natural hair products instead of chemically made. Nizoral, Danfree, Ketocip Shampoos with Ketoconazole 2% are a hair care products that are globally accepted as the best for treating dandruff and various infections of the scalp. Ketoconazole is very effective in preventing hair fall also.

Ketocip, Danfree or Nizoral Shampoos is manufactured by Janssen Pharmaceuticals or Dr.Reddy’s Pharma and is a synthetic drug that has antidandruff properties. Ketoconazole is also very effective for preventing hair loss in a different age. Almost everytime it is red-orange or blue in colour and consists of such inactive ingredients like coconut fatty acids, sulfates, laurdimonium hydrolyzed animal collagen, sodium hydroxide etc. Main ingredient Ketoconazole in it has flawless antifungal properties and is very effective in treating fungal infections that occur on the scalp, some variants of ketoconazole shampoos available – 1% or 2% concentrations.

How Good is Ketoconazole for Hair Loss preventing?

As you can see, the antifungal properties of Ketoconazole shampoo prevent the growth of scalp fungi. It damages the fungi cell membrane and prevents the production of ergosterol (main production element of the cell membrane in fungi). As a result, the fungus gets killed almost without any side effects. Ketocip, Danfree & Nizoral shampoos are able to treat seborrhea dermatitis, dandruff and many other fungal infections of the scalp. Dandruff is usually begun when your scalp gets dry. Dryness and itching cause sebaceous glands which produce extra sebum so that the moisture/oils of the scalp is maintained. As a result of excess sebum and skin parts, the hair follicles normal growth process are blocked and interrupted. It also prevents hair care, nourishment and affects the normal health of the hair and scalp. Consequences of all this is that the hair fails to get the nutrients that it needs and remains completely dry, which leads to thinning and gradual falling of the hair. Ketoconazole shampoo keeps the scalp & hair hydrated, moisturized, disinfected and also treats dandruff, preventing the production of excess sebum and scalp built up by the way of hormone blocking. Finally, after the full cycle of treatment with Ketoconazole, the hair follicles do not get blocked and give rise to healthy and strong hair strands that are thick and long.

Ketoconazole Shampoo positive androgen blocking properties is also a well-known fact (this hormone causes hair loss). Androgen is a male hormone that is responsible for giving masculine characteristics to men. Hormone changes are one of the main causes of hair loss in both men and women. The hair gets its essential nutrients through its dermal papilla, which is in direct contact with the blood and lymphatic system that circulates in your scalp. The papilla also contains androgen receptors, which combine with androgen and caused hair fall. The androgens thus combining with the androgen receptors interrupts with the absorption of essential nutrients from the blood by dermal papilla. As a result of getting fewer nutrients, the normal health of the hair is affected and this leads to hair fall or alopecia.

Ketoconazole is a really helpful solution in most of the hair loss & scalp/hair fungus cases. Ketocip, Danfree or Nizoral treatments help in protecting the scalp and the hair from all these problems. Due to its anti-androgenic properties, solution prevents the hormonal processes that may take place on the scalp. If this process is left untreated, it may lead to scalp inflammation and hair fall. Ketoconazole 2% soothes the scalp and cleanse it, relieving inflammations. It also helps in getting rid of dandruff and many other scalp infections. In addition to all these, it also protects the scalp from the damages caused by the male hormone androgen. As a result, your hair will remain healthy and grow thick and strong.

How to Use Ketoconazole 1% or 2% Shampoos?

This shampoo is only for external use. Wet your hair and scalp and apply the shampoo. Leave for 3 to 5 minutes. Then wash off thoroughly with water. Take care that it does not enter your eyes. If it happens to enter the eyes, wash your eyes thoroughly with water. If you are thinking about how often to use this shampoo for hair loss, Then using the shampoo twice a week and thereafter continuing it for 2 to four weeks, till the dandruff is fully cured is the best solution. After that, you can use it once in every 1 or two weeks so that dandruff does not occur again. Do not use it more than that prescribed by the doctor.

Once you apply this shampoo on your scalp, very little of it is absorbed by the skin. So usually no toxic elements from the shampoo get into your bloodstream. Moreover, it is also not affected by sunlight nor does it cause any allergic conditions when exposed to sunlight.

Attention Please to the Note:

Anyone can use the shampoo, most preferably after consulting a doctor and according to his prescription. Even if you are pregnant, you may use it without any fear. Breastfeeding mothers can also use it. Some people may suffer from a few side effects like itching, small bumps on the scalp and burning sensations after using this shampoo, but it is very rare. If you suffer from any of these symptoms, stop using the shampoo.

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Dermatologist Marcela J






Marcella Jiovanni

Skin Care Professional

“Marcella Jiovanni actively promotes the importance of maintaining healthy skin, she envisions the future of dermatology as moving away from pure medical, pharmacological dermatology and flowing more toward a holistic approach to wellness and skincare.”