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How To Combine Retinoids Acids Peptides

High Efficiency: How To Combine Retinoids, Acids & Peptides

Retinoids and Vitamin C for several years can be met not only in the cosmetologist’s office and expensive professional product lines but also in quite mass products. Nevertheless, highly effective formulas – and even more those that really work – are not so harmless: in order not to harm the skin, it is worthwhile to introduce them into skin care regimen attentively and carefully. We’ll tell how.


This fashion ingredient and an important antioxidant is becoming more popular, so finding a remedy with stable vitamin C in high concentration is quite difficult nowadays. But we should use it carefully: use serum or concentrate with breaks, starting from once or twice a week, and watch the skin’s reaction. Do not combine these products with other active ingredients from your kit – distribute vitamin C, acids and retinoids on days of the week in reasonable quantities or use different products by dividing them into courses.

Before applying the serum, it is good to cleanse the skin and make sure that there are no residues of other products on it. Another universal, but for vitamin C especially important recommendation: before going out to the street always apply sunscreen, otherwise, the ability of the component to protect the skin from photoaging will be simply meaningless.


It seems like retinol can do almost everything: it stimulates cell renewal and the production of its own collagen, it works as an antioxidant. Despite the fact that its action is not literally exfoliating, during the use of retinol it is worthwhile to postpone any peelings, chemical and mechanical. Additional efforts may lead to severe exfoliation of the skin. Sunscreen after exposure of retinol is also mandatory: your renewed skin becomes more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation.

If your skin is prone to dryness and reacts to creams and wheys with retinol accordingly, or exfoliated zones on the skin appear unexpectedly – do not rush to give up a strong remedy. Most likely, additional moisturizing will counterbalance its renewal work: other antioxidants are perfectly combined with retinol, which is contained in many nutritious creams – for example, vitamin E.


We talked about cosmetics with acids in detail, and the general rules to you, most likely, are already known. They should also be used separately from the rest, especially when it comes to products combining several different acids, or products with high concentrations of active substances. For exfoliation you should also take some days off in the beauty schedule and do not get too carried away if you use retinoids: once a week, is enough. If you use serum suitable for the regular care it is also necessary to determine a comfortable interval for your skin.

Acids need not only sunscreen but good hydration as well: whey with hyaluronic acid is a widespread product and will be a great help for the dry and sensitive skin to carry peelings without consequences. A lot of great performing facial cosmetic solutions may be found in Korean skincare products.


The most peaceful and friendly components of cosmetics for mature skin which increase the production of collagen, restore the skin after damage and even able to work as muscle relaxants (thanks to which it is possible to prevent facial wrinkles) – their species are numerous. Despite the complexity of formulations, the remedies with peptides are practically incapable to lead to unexpected irritations, inflammations, and allergic reactions. They also work well with many active ingredients without losing effectiveness.

Peptides are not recommended to be used simultaneously with AHA-acids – for their work acid pH is undesirable, and peeling is better done in advance. But in combination with the ingredients shown to the sensitive skin, the peptides will be good: they penetrate deeply into the skin and can provide access to other substances. With the help of serum with peptides, you can try, for example, to increase the effectiveness of agents with niacinamide, moisturizing ingredients, vitamin C.


One of the most effective components for fighting acne, which directly destroys bacteria, is easy to apply but requires caution if you have retinol in your beauty routine – alas, benzoyl peroxide has oxidative properties, while retinol is best kept in the antioxidants’ company. Generally, the highly effective cocktail is not recommended for the skin prone to acne: use a remedy (ideally – it should be prescribed by beautician) separately and watch the result.

Nevertheless, AHA and BHA acids can be added to benzoyl peroxide for better anti-inflammatory work – in some formulations they already coexist. And again, after using bacteria killers, it’s good to moisturize the skin: the basic combination of cream and whey is enough to avoid systematic dryness.


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Dermatologist Marcela J






Marcella Jiovanni

Skin Care Professional

“Marcella Jiovanni actively promotes the importance of maintaining healthy skin, she envisions the future of dermatology as moving away from pure medical, pharmacological dermatology and flowing more toward a holistic approach to wellness and skincare.”