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YooYoung Pharma

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YOOYOUNG is a Korean Pharmaceutical Company dedicated to the manufacturing and marketing of high-quality products of oral solid and sterile injection forms in full compliance with GMP since its foundation in 1981. Yooyoung Pharmaceutical pursues continued growth as a company along with its core values, “challenge”, “innovation”, and “communication and collaboration” carried out by talented individuals.

A company that makes people healthy, beautiful, and happy. A global healthcare corporation that continues to grow. The philosophy of Yooyoung is something essential and something unchanging, and it is a core value that the people of Yooyoung have kept for the whole time.

Etrebelle is a brand of injectable fillers for volumerization, wrinkle flattering and acne management by Yooyoung Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. The line is represented by two products, including Etrebelle 50 and Etrebelle 200 distinguished by constituents concentration and corresponding cosmetological issues.

The main feature of the series is the optimal combination of two highly-molecular acids such as hyaluronic and poly-lactic in the product composition. Application of given components leads to effective wrinkle filling, justifying of deficient volumes, skin renewal as well as collagen synthesis by fibroblasts.