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Launched in November 2012, SKORE Condoms is a sexual wellness brand under the TTK Group, based in Chennai. We are the second-largest brand in the market and growing ever so quickly. SKORE believes that sex can be casual, but it should not be unprotected. For our millennial audience, we want to drive the message that safe sex is not only the most logical and responsible thing to do but is also extremely fun. Keeping this in mind, the brand has expanded the portfolio with exciting variants of Lubes as well as Pleasure Enhancing Gel for Women, showcasing their expansion into the sexual wellness category with lots of other exciting products in the pipeline.

The TTK Group, established in 1928 is a family-owned Indian business conglomerate with its presence across a wide range of industry segments including consumer durables, pharmaceuticals, supplements, bio-medical devices, etc. TTK’s Protective Devices Division has led the group to a large number of industry firsts. From establishing the country’s first condom manufacturing plant in 1963, and installing the first electronic condom testing facility to have the capability to manufacture 1.5 Bn condoms in a year, TTK PDD is the industry gold standard when it comes to condoms.