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A tiny exceptional percentage of people look at Selfcare as an important aspect of life. Skincare is fundamental health and like all domains of our life, it’s progress that matters here and not perfection. You’re in here, and it’s not by chance.

At Re’equil we are consumers first and we understand the hope, time, and money our customers invest in us. Our products are formulated by scientists and evaluated by dermatologists. We don’t just sell products. We sell ones that you can trust and believe in.

Re’equil is built with honesty and empathy at its core. We offer solutions that you can trust and ritualize. We believe that you deserve to have healthy skin and hair because that makes you look good and more importantly, it makes you feel better.

All our products are dermatologically tested by leading labs for safety against any skin allergies, reactions or inflammation and for efficacy. The Clinical Tests are conducted under the supervision of dermatologists.

For every product that you purchase, you support us in serving a mid-day meal for an underprivileged child. This helps them to be better nourished and encourages them to go to school, aim high and dream big. This truly strengthens our nation.