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Replengen presents a series of hyaluronic-acid-based dermal fillers from the South Korean biotechnology company Reanzen Co., Ltd. “Replengen” is a compound word for replenish + tissue regeneration. Highest-quality HA (manufactured by Shiseido company, Ltd., Japan) is used in Replengen fillers. The series contains 3 products Replengen Deep, Replengen Fine, Replengen Volume which differ in the scope, indications for use, and composition (the presence of lidocaine).

Reanzen Co., Ltd. is actualizing ‘healthy anti-aging beauty’, a dream for humankind that remains unchanged over time.

We are deeply grateful for your interest in and affection for Reanzen Co., Ltd. As a biomaterials research company specializing in medical devices and cosmeceuticals, Reanzen continuously expands its overseas network, focusing on the best medical device technologies.

To fulfill our ideology based on creation, responsibility, and trust, we aim to provide customers with safe, effective, high-quality products with aesthetic value and focus on R&D capabilities for new biomaterials and value-added applications to secure global competitiveness and to launch innovative products with our own core technologies.

We will put our best efforts into becoming a company that creates better values and respects life, earning the love and trust of our customers from all over the globe and at home.