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NEUD is the skin care specialist n India that offers personal care products for managing unwanted hair. Our products include natural hair inhibitor in USA, hair remover spray in USA and after-hair-removal skin lotion in USA. Our products are certified top quality and are delivered to customers in USA as well as shipped globally.

NEUD is owned by Wet & Dry Personal Care (W&D), a privately-held healthcare and wellness company established in 2013. With its corporate office in New Delhi, India, W&D is born out of a passion for creating innovative health and hygiene products and solutions that meet evolving needs of the market.

W&D has a professionally qualified team with a cumulative leadership experience exceeding 50 years and specialization in healthcare, research, beauty, fitness, wellness, retail, business management and communications. Our products have been trusted by customers in more than 150 countries including Australia, Bangladesh, Canada, Fiji, France, Hong Kong, India, Malaysia, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, United States, United Kingdom, UK, Vietnam, and several African countries such as Ghana, Kenya, Namibia, Nigeria, South Africa, and Uganda.

All W&D products are prepared under strict quality control at government-approved facilities, ensuring high safety and quality. The key tenets of W&D’s corporate philosophy include being expertise-driven, people-oriented, customer-focused, process-based, high on ethics & integrity.