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As an enterprise specializing in autologous cell therapy, NeoGenesis develops and exports medical devices to the global market.

Since our foundation in 2012, we at NeoGenesis have strived to research and develop innovative medical devices. With expertise in the autologous cell therapy field, we provide our medical devices to not only the domestic market, but also to the global market including the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa.

We have made efforts to supply knowledge of modern cell therapy through participation inseminars, exhibitions, and training around the world,
and now contributing to the global beauty industry as well.NeoGenesis will continue to provide safety & quality guaranteed medical devices and pharmaceuticals, making efforts for the convenience, satisfaction, and trust that our users and patients rightfully deserve.

We appreciate your interest and support in the NeoGenesis movement to contribute to the development of the global medical healthcare industry.

Our bodies possess the power of “self-healing” to return tissues damaged from external factors to their healthy original state through regeneration.NeoGenesis paid attention to the fundamental resilience of the human body. We are seeking out the secret of health from the mysteries of the human body and its marvelous vitality.

Just as our incredibly mysterious bodies have been created from the multi-diversification of one stem cell, NeoGenesis also started with the ‘UNISTATIONTM’, the first compact “all-in-one” device for stem cell isolation and has now grown as a global enterprise providing various medical devices.

As professionals in autologous cell therapy, we are contributing to the
global medical healthcare industry based on our expertise.

The original state – the purity and freshness of the beginning are what we seek in true beauty. NeoGenesis developed the most optimal substance for our bodies to provide aesthetic solutions for ‘self-skin regeneration’ and ‘anti-aging’

Through endless research on the vitality of the human body, a new beauty is realized where the time of the skin is reserved.