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Navana Pharma

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Our vision is to establish Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd. as one of the leading and trusted pharmaceutical manufacturers among generic companies.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life and bring happiness to all by manufacturing global standard medicines and maintaining ethical business operations in the local and global markets. We believe that business is built on intellectual capital on creative ideas from our people that set up a chain reaction of added value for our customers.

Since 1992, NPL is continuously expanding its business through new ideas, innovations, and quality products. Navana Pharmaceuticals Ltd. operates its business under two divisions: Veterinary Division & Human Health Division. Veterinary Division manufactures and markets high-quality Veterinary medicine and feed supplements for different segments including poultry, dairy, and aqua products. The Human Health Division of NPL operates its manufacturing facilities in strict compliance with WHO cGMP guidelines for the production of tablets, capsules, oral liquids, ampoules, dry powder vials, powder for suspension, eye drops, creams & ointments, etc.

We always focus on people quality and process development through training and maximum utilization of ICT. We promote the concept of built-in quality in every phase of our operation. We strictly adhere to the WHO cGMP and the concept of QMS in ensuring the quality of our products. Ultimately we are continuously growing not only in the domestic market but also in international market.

We are not going to do everything. But whatever we do, we will go for excellence. There is no scope for mediocrity. We believe that our customers are our profit centers and thus our first responsibility is toward the doctors. So our core responsibility is their satisfaction. So whatever will be required, we will ensure their satisfaction. We will serve our customers, both doctors & chemists, the quickest in the industry.

Our second responsibility is towards our end users or patients. So, our products must always be of the highest quality. Apart from that, for patients’ convenience, we will come up with innovative and convenient formulations. In addition, we will bring the world’s newest drugs and technology for the first time at an affordable price.