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Huons Global

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Huons was established as a private company by the founder, the late Mr. Yoon, Myeong Yong on July 30, 1965. The name of the company when it was first established was Kwnag Myung Pharm.

Most of the people in Korea were in poverty, and it was rare that people set the establishment philosophy when they establish a company. Seeing many suffer from pain and eventually face death due to the insufficient basic medical supplies, however, he thought that he would not let people die due to medicine shortage. He established a pharmaceutical company and started producing and selling medical supplies, starting from basic injections. In the meanwhile, the private business went through the process of conversion to a corporation in 1987 when it initiated its huge growth.

In the early 1980s, when Mr. Yoon visited a dentist for his son, Mr. Yoon, Sung Tae, who is the current Vice-Chairman, he found out that topical anesthetics were being imported from foreign countries at an expensive price. He decided that he needs to produce domestic topical anesthetics. He was successful in producing lidocaine injection, the dental topical anesthetics, which are currently being exported all over the world including Japan, Vietnam, and Pakistan, and this is when the company started becoming more like a pharmaceutical company.

The late Mr. Yoon, Myeong Yong always emphasized the principle ‘Producing excellent medicine is the only act of patriotism’. He also put a high priority on manpower management with all his heart. He set customer service as the company’s biggest goal at that time, valuing the importance of customer care.

Respecting the philosophy of the founder, Huon’s is the company with trust among the employees, the company which guarantees the quality of its products, and the company which impresses its customers. Approximately 900 employees strive to achieve their personal goals as well as the management philosophy in Huon’s and all other affiliates.

Huons Global will do its best to become a global health care company. We at Huon’s Global appreciate all concerns that our customers have for us.