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Greater Pharma

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The history of Greater Pharma Co., Ltd. spans back to 1932 and the founding of a modest grocery named “Moek Hua” by Mr.Lieng in Bangkok, This name was later changed to “Ouiheng” from which the Ouiheng group of companies was born.

In 1937, Mr. Kian Tengamnuay , Mr. Lieng’s 3rd son had to leave school at age 13 to help his father doing business. Later during that period Mr. Kian was appointed to look after the business. In 1947 Mr. Kian decided to turn the grocery into a drugstore and turn it into the pharmaceutical business. Under the supervision and hard working of Mr. Kian, the business grew successfully and finally became a 100% drugstore in 1956 called ” Ouiheng Co., Ltd. ”

To continue and remain true to his father’s rigid policy of honesty to his customers. Kian built up the goodwill and trust with the prescribing doctors and buyers that Ouiheng grew to be a leading drugstore and pharmacy in the area. The company also started a wholesale business and later became one of the two biggest wholesalers of pharmaceutical products in Thailand.

Due to its increasing large sales volumes, Ouiheng was contacted by a number of foreign manufacturers of ethical products to offer their agencies. Entering the import business became the 2nd turning point of the company and in 1967 the group’s business was moved to new premises and “Greater Pharma Ltd., Part.” was established to handle these agencies.

Soon after, following world market trends, local production of generic products, semi-ethical products, repackaging of imported ethical products and medicinal consumer products started at Greater Pharma Co., Ltd.
Greater Pharma’s core business intention is to produce good quality medicines at affordable prices.

Besides production for our own sales, Greater Pharma is also relied on to manufacture licensed products for other international companies and this is a testament to the high-quality standard of drugs manufactured by Greater Pharma.

Greater Pharma has a well-equipped Quality Control Laboratory for thorough testing of its products at all stages of manufacture and the performing of stability studies to ensure quality during storage. Our modern manufacturing processes and strict quality control has been categorized and awarded the GMP Certificate in compliance with the WHO standard by the Thai Food & Drug Administration (TFDA), Ministry of Public Health.