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Monalisa is a brand of dermal filler from the South Korean company GENOSS Сo., Ltd. The line consists of four products: Monalisa Soft, Monalisa Mild, Monalisa Hard, and Monalisa Ultra, which differ in density and depth of injection. Fillers don’t contain any impurities, which makes them easy and safe to use. All products are tested and meet international quality standards.

We promise we’ll grow into the most enterprising company that stands in our global customers’ shoes and values talent, technology, and the environment.

With a vision to grow into one of the world’s leading enterprises in the field of medical device manufacturing, GENOSS Co., Ltd. has been ceaselessly developing in the spirit of respect for human life since its foundation.

Making an investment of 30% of revenue in R&D every year, we have pushed ahead with staffing the company with outstanding research professionals from around the world and developing the world’s best products. And every product we have developed meets such high global standards as FDA and CE, which means their quality is reliable in the global market. These values of ours are validated by a number of national projects in progress.

Through technological innovations, we are now preparing to make a bigger leap into the global market of biotechnology, which is rapidly changing and highly competitive. Leveraging the technology and experience accumulated in the local bio-industry, we will serve our global customers with excellent product quality and technology.

We will continue vigorous investment in achieving the world’s best quality, securing and training valuable human resources, and research and innovation. We believe these efforts will definitely pave the way to becoming a leading global enterprise capable of touching all our global customers

You will see, we promise, that we become the most enterprising company that stands in our customers’ shoes and values talent, technology, and the environment. We look forward to receiving warm encouragement, affection, and advice from all of you, customers and partners.