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Deepti Pharma

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The year 1976 saw Deepti Pharmaceuticals arrival on the industrial firmament in Central India. Then within the span of 34 years; Deepti Pharmaceuticals has carved a wide for itself as a quality dependable manufacturer of a host of pharmacy products formulation both in humans, well as a veterinary application in India.

Deepti Pharmaceuticals having created a loyal base of its valued customer in Private; Semi-Governmental and Governmental Organization is now firmly poised to spread its wings into the demanding global markets.

Deepti Pharmaceuticals complies with the CGMP in India and is known and recognized as the quality manufacturer & supplier of a rainbow of Pharmacy formulations. Deepti Pharmaceuticals has a state-of-the-art high-tech manufacturing plant in the Industrial area of Nagpur in India. The entire process is a continuous one with a systematic process and touched by hands. The Unit is on the way to get certified on WHO-GMP Standards. Further, Deepti Pharmaceuticals has a full-fledged Quality Control & Testing Laboratory having the latest equipment to monitor quality stringently at every level-right from the raw material to the packing of the finished product.

Deepti Pharmaceuticals is an established Pharmaceutical formulation manufacturing unit also, leading in the repackaging of medicines and formulations. The credibility levels for its entire range of quality pharmacy products are amazing in both the private sector as well as in the Government sector. Once a buyer is always a buyer of the superb range of Pharmacy Products may be of any sector anywhere criss-cross India.

Over a period of time, Deepti Pharmaceuticals has developed a perfect recipe for each of its quality products/formulations and which is religiously followed without comprising anywhere in the process.

The four simple genius architects of Deepti Pharmaceuticals all have Pharmaceutical education background. And this in turn equates and spells class of a strong foundation today and for years to come. They are four and a small seed was sown in 1976 by the brothers and today the next generation of the Jinturkars has taken a plunge in this well-established business making a formidable combination and assuring a healthy future for all concerned at large.