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Cytopro Consumer Goods Private Limited was registered in 2017 under the Companies Act 2013. The Founder is a Doctorate in Chemical Engineering and has a rich experience over 23 years in research and development of personal care cosmetic products.

CytoPro believes that every woman on this earth is beautiful in her unique way. Only thing is that she needs to “nourish” her skin to keep “cherishing” her beauty. Cyto means cells and Pro means favourable. Skin health or skin wellness is the prime consideration for CytoPro to make you look and feel good. Even when one ages, CytoPro believes in graceful aging avoiding premature unhealthy aging. This holds good not only for our internal organs but also for our skin and hair too.

CytoPro is not about offering a solution to a problem and hence its products are not medicated products. These are functional cosmetic products that nourish and protect your skin and thus is a ‘topical’ NutriCosmetic brand. Anyone and everyone who cares about their skin and hair can use CytoPro products.

CytoPro products are formulated with efficacious ingredients that are favorable to skin and hair cells at functional levels to nourish skin/hair. The philosophy behind our products is that if precursor / necessary ingredients in small sizes are given to skin/hair, the ingredients can easily penetrate into skin and hair and they have the ability to naturally synthesize or convert them into bigger molecules needed for the good health of skin/hair, which are otherwise difficult to penetrate into skin or hair from topical products.

The functional actives are carefully chosen to help the skin to defend itself against internal and external stresses. CytoPro products are formulated with high-end proven skin nourishing ingredients with good tactile sensory (good spreadability and absorption without a heavy sticky feel) and with mild fragrances. While some of these ingredients are added at motivational levels to make a claim in mass market products, in CytoPro products these are added at functional efficacious quantities. We aim to deploy cutting-edge technologies in skin care and offer them at affordable prices to the masstige consumers.

Like any other organ in the body, skin also needs vital nutrients (vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, amino acids, proteins, antimicrobial peptides, probiotics, lipids, polysaccharides etc) to protect itself from oxidative stress, inflammation, and attack from external stresses such as charged dust particles, aromatic hydrocarbons (ArH) & heavy metals due to pollution, ultraviolet rays from sun, and high energy visible light around us.

There is a belief that good food can also keep the skin and hair healthy and lively with glow even as one ages (“inside out”). The challenge here is that the nourishing ingredient in its “intact” form (maintaining its molecular integrity) must get bio-assimilated and then get delivered to skin and hair – the exterior-most organs. In supply chain language, it is called the “last mile connectivity” especially when epidermis is not irrigated with blood. While CytoPro does not contest this “inside out” concept, it equally believes in nourishing our exterior organs – skin and hair – from externally applied topical products too (“outside in’) and from this perspective CytoPro is a “topical nutrition” brand and in other words “topical supplements” for skin and hair. The challenge in outside-in product philosophy is delivering the nurturing ingredients into skin, which is why CytoPro carefully formulates its products with small ingredients that can get into skin, and skin as a factory uses them to synthesize its constituent ingredients in a natural way.