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Caregen, a global leader in peptide research and development, is a global biotechnology company that has commercialized the unlimited expandability of its patented peptides as many innovative products since its establishment in 2001. Over 600 different functional peptides developed by Caregen for the past 19 years have opened new paradigms in the field of biotechnology by expanding its applications to cosmeceutical, Class III medical devices, food supplements, and pharmaceuticals.

We are striving to dramatically improve human life and health providing total healthcare solutions through the development, production, and supply of various peptides. Our innovative peptide-based products provide solutions to many people around the world who are pursuing health and beauty with our unique skin delivery technology that maximizes the efficacy and effectiveness of products

Global leader in Peptide Research and development. Peptide-based products developed by Caregen provide total healthcare solutions across all areas of the anti-aging industry. By combining unique skin delivery technology, Caregen provides a variety of safe and highly effective cosmeceuticals and medical device products to 130 countries around the world.

Caregen’s research goes beyond biomimetic peptide research and maximizes the efficacy of biomimetic peptides with a new approach to hybrid peptides. We are expanding these hybrid peptides into a pharmaceutical product with optimal efficacy and safety.

Innovative R&D. One of the most important features that can define Caregen’s product development capabilities is a product with a variety of functions that are safe and effective for maximum use all based on our various patented peptides. In particular, PTx, which has the world’s first Botulinum Toxin Type C mechanism, provides innovative solutions to many people around the world as its application extends to the management of hyperhidrosis, pain, and skin diseases by topical use.

World-class peptide manufacturing capability. As a global leader in peptide research and development, Caregen has consistently delivered innovative and high-quality products to the medical aesthetics market worldwide. Our peptide-based products, which have unlimited scalability due to various applications, have a wide range of functional cosmetics as well as Class III injectable medical devices and pharmaceuticals, so it is essential to produce stable peptides for quality assurance.

We prioritize quality management and stable supply of products as much as technological innovation.